Student Services

Student charter

The Students' Charter sets of the rights and responsibilities of members of the University of Greenwich community.

The Students Charter was approved by the Governing Body on and will be reviewed again in June 2021.

A downloadable PDF version of the charter is available by clicking here.

The University of Greenwich is a community founded on mutual tolerance and respect, and the obligations and responsibilities of its members towards each other. If you are a student, this Charter sets out what we expect of you as a member of our community and what you can expect from staff of the University and the Greenwich Students' Union. It also highlights the commitments that we believe are shared by all of us - students, staff and the Students' Union.

The Charter is underpinned by our values of ambition, creativity, determination, excellence and inclusivity, and our mission of transforming lives through inspired teaching and research.

We all undertake to:

  • Treat our fellow students and staff, our neighbours and the communities around us with courtesy and respect.
  • Work in partnership to shape the academic and student experience through feedback at all levels.
  • Develop an open and inclusive environment where everyone can feel welcome and can succeed.
  • Celebrate the diverse achievements of our university community.
  • Understand the individual differences and needs of our community, and respect and respond to those differences and needs.
  • Not carry out or tolerate any form of harassment or sexual misconduct and the University and Students' Union will provide reporting mechanisms to support this.
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others.

Students at the University of Greenwich undertake to:

  • Take ownership of their academic experience and performance, and actively engage with the opportunities available to them while studying at Greenwich.
  • Work within University policies and regulations and ensure they are aware of the requirements on them as a member of the Greenwich community. This includes all academic regulations.
  • Make the most of the feedback channels available to them in order to improve the experience of the student body.
  • Respect the social and physical environment of the University, including accommodation, and behave respectfully towards our community and our neighbours.

Staff at the University of Greenwich undertake to:

  • Teach students about cutting edge ideas and practice in a way that is innovative, engaging, stretching, enjoyable and creative.
  • Identify and understand students' expectations and what they need to learn, and respect and respond to differences in the ways in which students learn and the experiences they bring.
  • Do everything we can to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.
  • Care about how students develop at Greenwich and after they leave.
  • Provide opportunities to enhance students' personal development and employability and support their career goals.
  • Ensure that everything we do is well organised, timely and well communicated.
  • Support students' learning, development and well-being with high quality facilities, advice and services.

The Greenwich Students' Union undertakes to:

  • Represent students, learning what students need and empowering students and their student leadership to deliver changes that benefit students.
  • Work in partnership with the University to inform decision making, ensuring student views are kept at the heart of everything we do to drive positive change for the Greenwich community.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in local, London and national student movements.
  • Prepare students for life after university by promoting volunteering opportunities and providing opportunities to develop their employability skills.
  • Provide support, including our independent Advice Service, helping students to take care of themselves while at university.
  • Develop spaces and activity, helping students to feel empowered to change the world around them and to have a great time while at Greenwich.