Brand Guidelines

Brand and content

To help you meet your objectives and maintain brand fidelity this page contains links to all the assets, tools, and guidance to help you succeed.

Our brand is more than just our logo, font or colour palette. It's about our community of staff and students, alumni, parents and guardians, prospective students, and partners. It’s about what they think, feel and say about the University of Greenwich.

We don’t believe in pretty pictures with empty words. Our content is carefully curated, driven with purpose, and knitted together with purposeful, powerful messaging.

Through consistent branding and engaging content, we ensure the impression we leave on people is positive, favourable and impactful.

Here's why we do it...

Importance of our brand Breaking the brand

How we present ourselves through our messaging, design, imagery and logo is crucial to our student recruitment and success as a higher education institution.

Our brand:

  • Encapsulates our identity, values, and promise of ‘Education without Boundaries’
  • Builds recognition, trust and loyalty among our internal and external audiences
  • Sets us apart in a competitive higher education landscape
  • Helps influence prospective students and partners to join us
  • Conveys credibility, consistency, and connection to our target audience.

Failure to follow our brand can lead to inconsistent messaging, design, imagery, and customer experience.

This can:

  • Dilute our overall brand identity
  • Confuse consumers, erode trust, and weaken brand recall
  • Make it harder to convey our brand's values and uniqueness, potentially harming our competitiveness and market position.

Brand Centre: self-service for marketing and branding assets

Brand Centre is a digital asset library for the university where you can access images, templates and guidelines. You can also submit requests for copywriting, design, video, and photography support.

To access Brand Centre, you will need a user licence. These are limited, so we prioritise marketing teams and those who regularly produce marketing collateral.

Each faculty has a ‘brand champion’ who can access Brand Centre. If you are in a faculty, this will be your faculty marketing lead (see contact details below).

If you don’t have a user profile, please contact your brand champion in the first instance.


You can download Brand Centre’s most popular marketing and branding assets without a profile by clicking on the below links.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us at

Rolling out the brand

In support of our sustainability policy, we are rolling out the new brand gradually. Branding on university signage and our vehicle fleet will be updated as items need replacing.

Identifying the correct brand
You can check if branding is up to date by looking at the logo. If the ‘of’ is smaller than the rest of the text, the item is not in the current brand.

Example of how the old and new logos differ

Reporting and replacing old logos
If your department or faculty has material that needs to be brought into the new brand, or if you’ve seen university items elsewhere that need updating, please contact us at

If you have access rights to digital assets, you can make updates yourself using the new logo. Otherwise, please contact us for support.

If you have paper items with old branding, please recycle these where possible and order new stock.

Faculty marketing leads

The Faculty Marketing Leads produce content for their faculties while the central content and brand team creates content for the university as a whole.  Please contact the following people if you have a query that relates to a specific piece of content or department.

Faculty of Engineering and Science Kate Johnson
Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences Paul Myrmus
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences FLASRecruitmentandMarketing
Greenwich Business School bus-markcoms