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Brand and content guidelines

About us

The Brand and Content team at the University of Greenwich are part of the Marketing and External Relations team. We produce marketing materials for use in student recruitment along with high profile communications and marketing projects. We have design, video and copywriting expertise within our team.

What does our team do?

Details of what content we produce in the Marketing and External Relations Directorate are in our content guidelines

Our marketing and brand materials

Brand and tone of voice guidelines

You can download a copy of the university’s brand guidelines below. This features details of how to use our logos, fonts, colours, imagery and sub-brands. If you are one of our partners, please refer to our dedicated partner brand guidelines.

Download the brand guidelines here

The university also has tone of voice guidelines which give guidance on how to write in the university’s house style. We also offer an in-depth video tutorial from our copywriter on how to apply the tone of voice in your writing.

Download the tone of voice guidelines here


You can download the main university logos below. Please read the brand guidelines for information on how to use the logos. These are for digital use only, if you require logos for print contact us at

Download our logos here


The university’s corporate fonts are Cooper Hewitt and Public Sans. These are mainly used in external marketing materials and advertising campaigns. For internal use please use Arial instead.


Below are templates for a variety of university assets which you may find useful as a staff member at the University of Greenwich. Please use Arial font to ensure they display correctly.

Letterhead templates are available for all three of our campuses. You can download them here:

All colour variations of our branded Teams backgrounds can be found here

Email signatures

Below is our new branded email signature. You can add your own by downloading the Word document below, copying the text and pasting it into Outlook. You can then personalise it with your own information.

Here is a link to the email signature in Word for you to copy and paste

You can see what the email signature should look like below:

Email signature example - screenshot

There are links to some help guides below on how to update your signature and add a Teams link.

Help with updating your Outlook email signature

To set up or change an email signature in Outlook, look at the Microsoft help page here

How to add a ‘Contact me on Teams’ link
  1. Copy the below link and personalise it by changing the ‘your email address’ part to your actual University of Greenwich email address that you use with Teams. Do not change any other part of the link

  3. Highlight the text in the signature you want to hyperlink – Contact me on Teams
  4. Find the 'add hyperlink' button in the signature/compose and reply tool
  5. Paste the personalised link from step 1 into the text box and click 'OK'
  6. When people click on the link it will open a chat with you in their Teams window.
Email signature style guide
  • Font – for the name and job title is Arial 11 and the rest of the text is Arial 10
  • Colour – of text is our corporate navy blue – colour code R0 G3 B61 / Hex #00033D – the rest of the text is black
  • Email address – write your email address and a hyperlink should appear automatically when you press enter
  • Teams link – see above for details of how to add a link to Teams to your signature
  • Phone number is optional – add this if you have a work phone
  • Pronouns are optional – add these if you would like to
  • Working hours/days is optional – add this if you don’t work regular full-time hours
  • Talk to me about is optional – add key information about your role that you would like to share here
  • The University of Greenwich logo in navy is the only image you should add
  • The logo size should be 4.3cm wide x 1.67cm high

If you have any questions, please contact

Brand Centre and using university images

The Brand Centre website is the university’s internal brand and content platform. You can use it to download approved university images, logos, guidelines and templates to produce your own printed and digital materials.

We have a limited number of Brand Centre licences for user accounts available, so we will prioritise marketing teams and other staff who produce marketing and communications materials as part of their team’s work. For other areas, we suggest that you have a brand champion within your team who can access Brand Centre on behalf of the team.

You can use the "New user?" form on the Brand Centre login page to register a new account. For any queries about how to get an account or how to use it, please contact us at

Downloadable images

We have a selection of student and campus images available to download for staff who don't have a Brand Centre account. These can be used for presentations and other internal materials.

Images of people
Images of campus buildings

Consent/release forms

A consent form, also known as ‘release forms’, is written permission from the subject stating that agree with you publishing their property (their image or voice) that essentially serves as a contract.

A consent form can help prevent legal complications that could arise and need to be signed before the filming/photography process starts to prevent the subject saying they don’t want to feature, or request that their image/voice be removed from the project.

Individual consent form for an adult (over 18) - Digital form
Individual consent form for a minor (under 18) - Digital form

When filming and/or photographing events disclaimers must be posted at entrances and exits of principal areas informing people that if they are attending event, they are giving their consent for photos, video, and audio to be recorded. Best practice would also include adding this disclaimer to the booking notification.

Freelance and agency support for creative work

If you need to produce designed content, materials or videos for non-marketing purposes, you can do this by using external agencies or freelancers.

A list of suggested freelance and agency support is available on request from the Brand and Content team at

If you have any agencies or freelancers you would like to put forward to be added to the list, please contact us at

If you are using an external videographer or agency, please share this brand toolkit for external use.

Faculty marketing teams

Each of the faculties has its own marketing team. For faculty marketing queries, please use the contacts below.

FacultyContact details
Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES)Kate Johnson
Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences (FEHHS)Paul Myrmus
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (FLAS)
Greenwich Business School (GBS)

How to contact us

If you have any queries about branding for university materials you are creating or any queries about marketing content, please contact us at


Why has the university’s brand been updated?

We refreshed our brand identity in 2022, with a new logo, colour palette, font, tone of voice and brand story. These reflect both our heritage and our ambition as a leading modern university. The refreshed brand is a powerful way of connecting with existing audiences and reaching new ones, including prospective students and staff, partners and other key stakeholders.

Why have some things been updated to the new brand and not others?

When we launched the refreshed brand we wanted to ensure that it was rolled out quickly to digital channels such as the website, and for recruitment activity, but for both sustainability and budget reasons we weren’t able to update all our physical branding in one go. You can take a look at our sustainability policy here

When will buses, vans and signs be updated?

Our buses are currently in the process of being updated and should have the new branding ready for the next academic year in September 2023. Signage around the university, along with our vehicle fleet, will be updated with new branding gradually, as and when they are replaced.

How can I report old logos that I think should be replaced on digital or paper items?

If you see any digital items with our old branding, these should have been updated, so please contact the content team at

Any paper forms or items with old branding should be recycled where possible and new stock ordered when the current supply runs out.

Why can’t I add extra images, such as award wins, to my email signature?

A standard email signature adds a consistent look and feel to all our email communications. In addition to this, every time a picture is emailed or downloaded it uses space in the cloud and energy. This means that for sustainability reasons, the fewer images we email to each other, the better for the environment.

What is the procedure for filming in the library?

In order to ensure that library users can work in a quiet, undisturbed environment, filming in any of our libraries needs to be authorised by library colleagues. You will need to fill in a request form at least 5 days in advance and prepare a risk assessment. Find out full details on the library web pages.

Page was last updated on 25 September 2023.