Apply to mentor an international student

Information on the role of Study Abroad Mentor.

Apply to mentor an international student

As a Study Abroad Mentor, you will be matched with a number of international students who are studying at Greenwich for a term or a year. Your role will be to help welcome them to London and to the University of Greenwich, and to be a friendly face during their time studying at the University.


  1. Introduce yourself to your assigned mentees by email in advance of their arrival, and at the welcome session during welcome week.
  2. Participate in welcome events as appropriate
  3. Be contactable by email and be available to meet in person in the first two weeks of term.
  4. Meet with your mentee/s (in-person or virtually) a minimum of three times per semester.


  1. Be studying at the University of Greenwich during the 2021/22 academic year.
  2. Be available to attend events and meet your mentees throughout the semester.
  3. Be interested in supporting international students to acclimatize to life in the UK and at Greenwich.


  1. You will have the opportunity to meet students from all around the world and contribute towards ensuring their experience at Greenwich and in the UK is positive and enjoyable.
  2. You will be able to develop your intercultural communication skills, your cultural awareness, and your presentation skills, which will all look great on your CV.
  3. This experience can be used to contribute towards the Employability Passport.


You can apply to be a study abroad mentor here.

The application deadline for the Spring term 2022  is 14th November.

More information

Contact the Global Mobility Team at with any questions.