Arriving in the UK

When you arrive in the UK to study at the University of Greenwich, you will have a lot to take in and it will be easy to forget to do something important.

Here are some things you need to do when you get here.

Copy your documents

Take photocopies of your passport and Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), and keep them separate from the originals. You may also wish to copy your air travel ticket(s).

Register with the Police

Some international students need to register with the Police. Check your Visa. If it says "report to police" or "must report to police within 7 days", and you are living in the London area, you must register with:

Overseas Visitors Records Office
Brandon House
180 Borough High Street
London SE1
Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm

If you are living in the Medway area, you must register at the Nationality Department at Longport Police Station. You can get more information from the Medway Student Centre.

You must register within seven days of UK arrival and you will need your passport, two recent passport-size photographs and the registration fee, which is around £35.

Register with a General Practioner (GP)

You can register with a GP at a Medical Centre or Doctor's practice close to where you live. Do not wait until you are ill.

Open a UK bank account

You will need a student status letter issued by the university confirming your registration and programme duration, and a copy of your passport and visa. Additional documents may be required.

Take out insurance

Endsleigh Insurance provides cover specifically for international students.

Check your right to work

If you intend to work while studying in the UK, check your visa to make sure this is permitted. If it is not, your visa will say No Work, Work Prohibited or contain similar wording. If you are allowed to work make sure you know the student rules for working. It is considered a breach of your visa if you do not adhere to them.

Buy for an Oyster Card

If you intend to regularly use public transport in London, an Oyster card will save you money. For more information, visit the Transport for London website.

Apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

An ISIC card will give you discounts on travel, shops and museums all over the world.

Buy a TV Licence

You will need a TV Licence to watch or record TV on demand viewing. Find out more about TV licences here.

Make a note of your visa and passport expiry dates

Set yourself a reminder to extend or renew them at least two months before their expiry dates.