Medical services

Live healthily at University of Greenwich. Find out about nearby medical services for international students. Register at a medical centres.

Doctors in the UK are often called General Practitioners (GPs). They are part of a team of health professionals who work in a medical practice.

We urge all international students to register with a doctor as soon as they begin their studies at the University of Greenwich.

National Health Service treatment

All international students studying for six months or longer are entitled to free National Health Service (NHS)  treatment.

EEA Nationals studying for less than six months are also eligible for NHS treatment, provided you have form E128, which has to be completed in your home country.

If you are a resident of a country that has a reciprocal health care agreement you will be eligible for some NHS treatment. Check what kind of treatment you can receive before you leave home.

Free services

Free services that are available to eligible students through the NHS include:

  • Consultations with a GP or nurse
  • Contraception and pregnancy advice
  • Sexual health advice
  • Well -woman clinic
  • Baby clinic
  • Asthma clinic
  • Diabetes clinic
  • Chiropodists
  • Counselling
  • Hospital treatment.

All students can receive free emergency medical help.

Paid services

International students who are studying for less than six months will have to pay for any treatment other than emergency treatment. Health care can be expensive so we recommend you take out medical insurance. Endsleigh Insurance offer medical insurance plus cover for personal and valuable possessions for approximately £80 for four months.

All students have to pay for:

  • Medicines prescribed by a GP
  • Vaccinations for travel
  • Sickness certificates
  • Dental treatment
  • Eye tests and glasses.

Staying in good health

Our health and medical services teams will give you all the help and support you need to live and study happily and healthily.