Pre-Arrival Checklist

Before you travel to the UK to study at the University of Greenwich, read over this checklist of what to bring and make sure you have everything you need.


  • Your passport, with visa if needed
  • Your academic certificates, including IELTS or TOEFL (originals and a photocopy)
  • Your offer and acceptance letters
  • Proof of your finances and funding
  • All documents and information the university has sent you
  • Several passport-size photographs
  • Travel and health insurance or medical notes
  • Your driving licence
  • Directions to your accommodation or the university
  • Emergency contact numbers to keep in your hand luggage.

Medical records

If you bring any medication with you into the UK, you will need a letter from your doctor that has been translated into English and explains what the medicine is and what it is for.

If you are undergoing any long-term medical treatment you should also bring a letter from your doctor, counsellor, or hospital specialist.


You can bring as much money as you like, in any form, into the UK, but are advised against carrying large amounts of cash. You just need enough to last until you have opened, and transferred money into, a bank account. Around £300 to £500 in cash should be enough. You can bring in additional money in travellers cheques that can be cashed in banks, post offices and airports.

Tuition and accommodation fees

You will need to make sure you can pay your accommodation and tuition fees at registration. So you may want to bring separate bankers drafts made out for the correct amounts.

Hand luggage

Many airlines have a restrictive weight or size allowance for check-in luggage, so check with your airline before you leave. Others airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic have discounted fares and high baggage allowances, you can check it on their website.

There are some restrictions on what you can bring into the UK and items should be for personal use only. Visit the Home Office website for details.

British Council pre-departure briefings

The British Council organises pre-departure briefings for students coming to the UK to study.
Visit the British Council website for information or contact the relevant British Council country offices to find out if there is a pre-departure briefing in your country.

Prepare for studying in the UK

Get ready to study in the UK with the Prepare for Success interactive web learning tool for international students. Find out about academic life, the skills needed for effective study and how to adapt to living in the UK.