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A page of useful info for your first week.

As a student at Greenwich, you will have to use certain pieces of software, such as the Portal, our Virtual Learning Environment, and electronic resources. Open Access IT labs and Libraries provide computers, scanners and printers, while cloud based storage and email allow you to access your files and stay in touch anywhere.

Below are a few pieces of information which you may find useful. This page isn't designed to cover all the IT and Library services on offer to you, but should point you in the right direction so that you can find what you need, or at least, know who and where to ask.

User Account

Your University of Greenwich IT account enables you to access IT and Library facilities across the university, such as:

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to the university intranet
  • A University of Greenwich email account
  • On-line training via Moodle
  • Access to the University of Greenwich Portal
  • WiFi access to the university network via eduroam
  • A range of software packages. These will differ depending on your school or department but will include Microsoft Office.
  • Your university email address may also allow you to take advantage of a host of offers from external suppliers offering services to students.   

You are expected to comply with the university Rules and Regulations and operate in accordance with relevant legislation.

Mobile App

The mobile app helps you stay connected to the University wherever you are. 

The new app has improved authentication allowing you to login quickly via fingerprint or face recognition.  We've added new tools, such as an apologies for absence button, LibrarySearch access, improved personal timetable displays and links to campus maps, student news feeds, and print credit top-up systems.  You are also able to look at your personalised data, such as grades, and access to their Moodle courses.

You can search on your chosen store for "University of Greenwich" or the app can be downloaded directly from:

Apple App Store Google Play
Apple Play Store Google Play

Computers and Printing

If you use a USB device to store or transport data, we recommend that you change the name of the device to your University Username, so that if lost, it can easily be identified and returned to you