Learn more about how to use the interactive presentation software in any face to face or online teaching and training sessions and become an Empowered Presenter.

Mentimeter is an easy-to-use interactive presentation software for use in lectures, seminars, training sessions, presentations or any face to face teaching session. It also supports asynchronous polling.

Mentimeter enables you to create polls, open and closed questions or even competitive quizzes, as well as providing a mechanism for students to pose questions or feed back to you. Mentimeter can also be used to create out of class activities that can be embedded into Moodle. There are advance features available such as PowerPoint-upload, remote clicker and data exports. We encourage colleagues with teaching and student facing responsibilities to use Mentimeter as it offers many different types of interactive tools, and feedback from students has been extremely positive. With the institutional license we are now able to offer a consistent experience for students. If you have a University of Greenwich email, you have access to the complete Mentimeter suite. This means it is available to all staff and students as well as affiliates in the UK and overseas who have a email account. Mentimeter use is not mandatory.

How to log in to your UoG Mentimeter account

Go to (Bookmark this link)

You will be re-directed to your portal login. Mentimeter will launch automatically once you have logged in.

Logging in any time after account creation: Use

or to log in direct from > log in> choose 'SSO' (Single Sign On) > type 'University of Greenwich' in the box, and it will take you to the SSO log in.

Getting started

It is recommended that prior to first use you attend one of the online training sessions available throughout the year (more information here). Alternatively, you might seek support from the growing body of University 'Empowered Presenters' and experienced users.

We have also produced a short 'Quick Start Guide' video that you can watch here, and shared a blog post on 'Empowering presenters and students in online teaching'.

You can also find support online:

It is always advisable to know what the potential of anonymous voting is, including ways in which it can give a voice to those that rarely speak up. However, you should also be aware of essential strategies to put in place to pre-empt, avoid or respond to any inappropriate comments or abuses of the system.

Finally, you may wish to dip into the monthly newsletters from Mentimeter.

Become an Empowered Presenter

You may also be interested in earning certification from Mentimeter and become a University of Greenwich Empowered Presenter. Details of the scheme can be found below:

Further Support

You can attend our Mentimeter CPD workshops delivered by Mentimeter - booking information is available on our CPD webpage here.

For immediate queries, you can attend the Mentimeter weekly drop-in session run by Gerhard Kristandl on Fridays 13:00 - 14:00 by joining this meeting link.

If you have any questions about the Empowered Presenter scheme or Mentimeter, please contact Gerhard Kristandl.