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Learn more about how to use the interactive presentation software in any face to face or online teaching and training sessions and become an Empowered Presenter

Mentimeter is an interactive tool for creating quizzes and gathering student feedback, with integration into Moodle and advanced features like PowerPoint-upload. The University of Greenwich highly recommends it for staff and students, providing full access to the Mentimeter suite to anyone with a gre.ac.uk email, given its positive reception among students.

Access your Mentimeter account via their website

If you are new to using mentimeter, you can activate your account via visiting our institutional mentimeter webpage here.

You will be re-directed to your portal login. Mentimeter will launch automatically once you have logged in.

You can also log in direct from mentimeter.com. To log in choose 'SSO' (Single Sign On) and search for University of Greenwich. You may then need to log in to your university account to access Mentimeter.

Attend a Mentimeter Workshop to discover all of its features

If you are new to using Mentimeter, then we would recommend for you to attend our online workshops that we facilitate with the central Mentimeter Team. There are two types of workshops you can attend; Mentimeter Workshop (Beginner), Mentimeter Workshop (Advanced).

Both workshops are held throughout the academic year, which you can find all the dates and links to booking here

Additional resources are available to get you started

There are many online resources available to help you get started:

Check out the guidance and documents at the bottom of this page.

In addition to this, you can also contact one of our 'Empowered Presenters' and experienced users to help:

  • Oliver Robinson (School of Psychology and Counselling)
  • Emma Kennedy (Academic and Learning Enhancement Team)
  • Deborah Sims (School of Engineering)
  • Gerhard Kristandl (School of Accounting, Finance, and Economics)
  • Emma Connor (School of Management and Marketing)

Earn a certification by becoming an Empowered Presenter

You may also be interested in earning certification from Mentimeter and become a University of Greenwich Empowered Presenter. Details of the scheme can be found below:

Further Support

Do not fear! You can consult the advice and answers page from the Mentimeter Team, use the Mentimeter Live Chat directly from within your Mentimeter page (bottom-right), or contact Gerhard Kristandl here for further support.

Mentimeter at Greenwich Updates

Learn more about updates and new features coming to Greenwich Mentimeter users

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