Explore the options for professional development in 2020/21 particularly relevant for staff who are new to teaching, HE or the UK context.

In 2020/21 Greenwich Learning and Teaching (GLT) will offer the following opportunities for professional development in lieu of the PGCertHE:

  1. Practical teaching course
  2. Associate Module in Learning & Teaching (20 credits)

The expectation is that anyone on probation would register for at least one of these opportunities and then go onto the PGCertHE in 2021/22. The Associate Module can be either audited (est. 40 hours) or the assessment undertaken (est. 200 hours in total) in order to gain the 20 credits upon successful completion. The Associate Module will also be open to those not on probation dependent upon availability, with those planning to continue onto the PGCertHE in 2021/22 being given second priority after those on probation.

Practical teaching course

The course is designed to provide a very practical introduction to teaching in a blended context at the University of Greenwich. It requires a limited time commitment, in order to respect the severe time-constraints within which academics are currently working. It is designed to help staff gain confidence and get prepared for their teaching. It promotes a problem-solving approach to academic development.

Target audience

Probationary lecturers only who are new to the University of Greenwich. 

Intended Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Know their students as learners and make confident choices of teaching and learning activities to enable students to meet specific learning outcomes;
  • Apply presenting techniques to deliver content via Panopto, Moodle and MS Teams;
  • Apply questioning techniques to engage students to learn and think via MS Teams, Mentimeter and Moodle forum;
  • Apply demonstrating and facilitating techniques to help students bridge ideas and practices via MS forms and handouts;
  • Apply techniques to offer meaningful and supportive feedback/feedforward that promotes learning.

How it will be delivered

The practical course will be delivered on MS Teams. There are five live sessions:

  • Session 1: Know your students and plan how to teach
  • Session 2: Deliver content with presenting techniques
  • Session 3: Engage students with questioning techniques
  • Session 4: Bridge the gap between ideas and practices with facilitating techniques
  • Session 5: Assessment and Feedback

Each 90-minute-long session will take the form of a 1-hour-long introductory session on core concepts and techniques of teaching in HE, plus a 30-minute-long hands-on interactive session on core learning technologies (Moodle, Panopto, MS Teams, MS forms, and Mentimeter). A SharePoint site will be created to host all the materials and resources.

One teaching observation will be offered by GLT, as part of the learning commitment between sessions.


This short course will run between 6th-30th October 2020. GLT will survey all participants to select the most suitable dates and times for the 5 sessions during this time.

Indicative Workload

The indicative workload for this course is 10 hours which includes five 90 minute live sessions with self-paced reading/activity (30 minutes per session).


To register, please email ltheprog@greenwich.ac.uk by Tuesday, 29th September stating whether you are on probation and copying in your line manager to indicate their support for undertaking the course. 

Contact us

If you have any further queries about the course, please contact ltheprog@greenwich.ac.uk.

Associate Module in Learning & Teaching (20 credits)

ACAD1286: Learning, Teaching & Assessment is a 12-week Level 7 module that can be taken on its own or with a view to continuing on to the PGCert in Higher Education. This module is run by Greenwich Learning & Teaching (GLT) during term 2 in 2020/21.

The context

Many staff at the University of Greenwich – particularly those on probation – take the PGCert in Higher Education or Award in Higher Education as professional development in their first year of employment. Although both programmes have been suspended for the 2020/21 intake, GLT are running an additional iteration of the first module on both programmes – ACAD1286 – from January to April 2021. This will enable staff to 'bank' 20 credits and then register for the PGCertHE for enrolment in 2021/22. As the Associate Module carries the same credit-value as the Award, it is an alternative to the Award this year and it is not anticipated that staff 'bank' the credits toward the Award the following year.

How will this affect my PGCertHE completion?

You will complete the PGCertHE at the same time regardless of whether you choose to take the module in Term 2; it will also run in September 2021. The main differences are that undertaking the Associate Module in 2020/21 will enable you to undertake some of your professional development at an earlier stage of your teaching career, better preparing you for 2021/22; and doing so will shift PGCertHE workload from the autumn 2021 term to the spring 2021 term.

Below is a comparison of the two routes through the PGCertHE:

Route 1: Register for the Associate module in January 2021

  • Jan-April 2021: Complete Module 1 of the PGCertHE, ACAD1286.
  • September 2021: Enrol on the PGCertHE and 'bank' 20 credits from having completed ACAD1286.
  • 2021-22 Academic Year: Complete Module 2 of the PGCertHE, the Portfolio.
  • Jan-April 2022: Complete Module 3 of the PGCertHE, ACAD1287.
  • Summer 2022: Complete the PGCertHE.

Route 2: Enrolment on the PGCertHE as normal in September 2021 (no registration in January 2021 for Associate module)

  • Sept-Dec 2021: Enrol on the PGCertHE and complete Module 1, ACAD1286.
  • 2021-22 Academic Year: Complete Module 2 of the PGCertHE, the Portfolio.
  • Jan-April 2022: Complete Module 3 of the PGCertHE, ACAD1287.
  • Summer 2022: Complete the PGCertHE.

About the module

This module is designed for staff who teach and support learning in higher education in any discipline. Although primarily aimed at staff with less than three years' teaching experience, it may also be of interest to staff who are new to the UK or to the university context.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course participants will be able to: 

  1. Critically reflect on and evaluate own teaching, values and associated professional practices and formulate cogent and achievable action points for enhancement of practice.
  2. Draw on scholarship of teaching & learning and evidence from own and colleagues' practice to examine and analyse teaching, learning and assessment.
  3. Teach and support the learning of students in a range of settings, informed by an understanding of learning theories and with alertness to disciplinary specificity.
  4. Design and implement appropriate resources and strategies for assessing learning & giving feedback and critically evaluate their impact.
  5. Develop new or enhanced teaching, learning and/or assessment practices based on experiences of being a participant on this course.

Themes include:

  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Teaching and facilitation
  • Inclusivity
  • Reflection & Evaluation

Mode of study

Blended learning, with most teaching delivered online. The module usually includes two on-campus 'study days' but these will be dependent on the evolving situation regarding on-campus teaching; online equivalents will be provided.

Precise dates and timings of sessions will be established in consultation with participants (via a poll) to select the most suitable time.


The module includes three assessments. If participants would like to sit in on the module and not receive credit, the assessments can be skipped; however, they are required for credit and must be taken at the time; they cannot be taken after the module finishes.

  1. Formative: Teaching philosophy (2-3-minute audio or video);
  2. Formative: Theory into practice reflection (1000 words);
  3. Summative (100%): Critical reflection on teaching, learning & assessment (2750 words).

Indicative Workload

  • Weekly reading with webinar or activity: 2h/wk x 12 = ca. 24h
  • Study days: ca. 12h
  • Assessments (optional, but required for credit: ca. 164h


To submit your expression of interest for undertaking the Associate Module, please email ltheprog@greenwich.ac.uk by Monday, 7th December stating whether you are on probation and copying in your line manager to indicate their support for undertaking the module. GLT will contact you with further details about the registration process.

GLT will also be offering Q&A sessions where you can find out more about the Associate Module and the application process:
Session 1: Thursday, 1 October, 12-12.45pm
Session 2: Wednesday, 14 October, 2-2.45pm
Session 3: Wednesday, 18 November, 12-12.45pm

If you are interested in attending a session, please contact ltheprog@greenwich.ac.uk.

Contact us

If you have any further queries, please contact ltheprog@greenwich.ac.uk.