For new and continuing students who want to live in our student halls but may be uncertain about signing up, we've set out our accommodation promise to offer you some reassurance.

Our plan is to provide you with the best possible university experience that involves a blend of online and on-campus learning and activities.

Living with us is a great choice

  • Our halls are safe and secure.
  • Located within walking distance of campus or via a student shuttle service.
  • Student welfare services on every campus.
  • Support from live-in Residents' Assistants.

Ability to cancel your contract

Applicants who sign up for accommodation for the 2021-22 academic session can cancel for any reason up to three weeks before their contract begins.

Rooms are available for booking on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's best to book now.

If you change your mind later, just complete the cancellation form and the booking will be cancelled and your deposit refunded in full.

Coronavirus break clause

If the university becomes a completely virtual campus, you will not be required to pay for halls - provided keys are returned and your room is vacated during this period. We will hold your room exclusively for your return. If this occurs after 1 May, you will have the option to terminate permanently and clear your room.

Full details can be found below.

Rooms for January

Applications for rooms from January are now open. Apply online.

Returning students

Our accommodation promise is also for returning students who may be considering a contract with a private landlord but are concerned about committing for the whole year.

If you wish to consider returning to halls, you can apply now online.

We're here to help

Our Accommodation Services team are committed to offering you the best possible university experience on all our campuses. Our campuses are in (or within commuting distance of) London, the world's #1 city for students (QS Best Student Cities 2019).

If you have any questions about the information listed here, please contact Accommodation Services at your campus of residence.

We are ready to help you begin your journey with the University of Greenwich.

Further information

The university will act in the interest of the health and safety of students and staff and in accordance with government guidance related to coronavirus at the time.


Ability to cancel your contract

When you book a room in University of Greenwich halls of residence, you are required to sign an Accommodation Licence Agreement. The licence includes the following clause allowing you to cancel for any reason, including but not limited to concerns about coronavirus, up to three weeks before the start of your contract.

6. Cancellation / Termination of Licence Agreement

6.1 Before the start date of the Licence Agreement, the Resident is permitted to cancel the Licence Agreement under the following circumstances:

  • The Resident will be released from the Licence Agreement without financial obligation provided they notify Accommodation Services in writing via the cancellation link within the Accommodation Portal or via email at least 3 weeks (21 days) before the start date of the Licence Agreement that they no longer require the Accommodation. The Resident must ensure they receive confirmation from Accommodation Services that the Licence Agreement has been cancelled.
  • If notice of cancellation is received from the Resident after the 3-week notice period, Accommodation Services will mitigate any loss payable by the Resident in respect of the Accommodation by making reasonable endeavours to find a replacement to occupy the Accommodation. All or some of the deposit may be applied towards payment of accommodation fees until a replacement is found for the Accommodation.

Coronavirus break clause

In the event of the university moving to a completely virtual campus because of Covid-19, you will be released from your requirement to pay for halls during any period when only remote teaching and activities are in place, provided keys are returned and your room is vacated during this period. Please note the following:

  1. The halls will be open, and students will have the option to remain in residence or return home, subject to government guidance at the time.
  2. The break clause is intended to cover the entire period or majority of any period during which university buildings are not open and services are exclusively offered remotely due to Covid-19. It is not to be used to cover short periods such as the Christmas shutdown period or individual breaks or holidays.
  3. In order to benefit from this break clause, should it come into effect, you will be required to complete an online form confirming your plans. You must ensure that you have received written confirmation from the university that you are released from your obligation to pay hall fees during the relevant period before vacating.
  4. Your keys must be returned if you vacate. If you do not return your keys, you will continue to be charged for the accommodation until they are returned.
  5. Hall staff will need to enter your room during a period when it is not occupied in order to perform routine maintenance such as water flushing.
  6. You must take all valuables such as cash, valuable jewellery, passport, mobile phones, laptops, etc. with you.
  7. You must not leave any perishable or unsealed food items in the room as this may attract pests. If food items are found, they may be disposed of and you may be charged for this.
  8. You are advised to move any personal items kept in the kitchen into your room (not including food) and if possible, leave items packed and the room in a clean, orderly state.
  9. Your room will normally be held until such time as the university returns to on-campus teaching and activities. In the unlikely event that the building you live in is required for other uses, you will be advised of the arrangements in place to allow.
  10. The health, safety and welfare of student residents will be taken into account at all times. The university will act in line with government advice and it is expected that students will also do so.