Special requirements

Accommodation information for disabled students, students with medical conditions, students leaving care, and students on short courses, teaching or placement.

Disabled students

The university gives priority to students with disabilities when allocating places in halls of residence.

Our accommodation has rooms and flats that are fully accessible and equipped for those with disabilities. The university is always ready to consider individual applications for adaptations that may be necessary in particular circumstances.

Students with particular requirements should make contact with the university's Student Wellbeing (disability/dyslexia) Co-coordinators on 020 8331 7875. In addition, you should note any special needs on your application form and contact the Accommodation Service Team directly in order to ensure that team members are aware of your needs.

Medical conditions requiring hall accommodation

Any student requiring hall accommodation or any specific type of accommodation because of a serious medical condition may be given priority in the allocation of accommodation in hall. You should note any special needs on your application form and contact the Accommodation Services Team directly in order to ensure that staff are aware of your needs. You will be required to provide supporting documentation such as a note from your doctor explaining why your condition dictates that a place in hall or particular type of room is necessary.

Students leaving care

Accommodation Services gives priority to care leavers in your application for a room in our halls of residence for the duration of your studies.  Priority is also given to care leavers who, when living in halls, may wish to extend their accommodation contract from our standard 40 weeks (September to June), to 52 weeks (including summer), as long as we are aware of your status and you have followed the required steps to secure housing for summer.

If you are a care leaver, please ensure that you state this, where appropriate, during your application process as you may not be required to pay a deposit prior to arrival.  You will be sent information about this as part of your booking process but if you have any queries or concerns please do contact the Accommodation Services Team

Students on short courses, teaching practice or placement

The standard arrangements for university accommodation require a residential contract that runs for the entire academic session (September to June). If you know in advance that you will only require accommodation for part of the session, you must inform the Accommodation Service who will advise you if there is any suitable accommodation available to meet your needs.

Accommodation Services equality and accessibility

The University of Greenwich is committed to promoting and implementing equality of opportunity and has the following Equality and diversity policy statement.

Equality in allocations

The majority of our accommodation is allocated through students selecting their own halls, flats, and rooms. No distinction is made in allocations based on age, disability, gender reassignment, race, sex or sexual orientation apart from in Devonport House, which is reserved for postgraduate students and those over 25 years of age, or in cases where a student requires a particular hall, flat, or room to accommodate a disability.

Accessibility for disabled visitors and residents

‌The university is committed to providing an accessible environment to disabled visitors and residents. Wherever possible, halls feature disabled access and all sites have flats and rooms that can be adapted for students with disabilities. All newer buildings are designed to be fully compliant. Staff are available to assist with completing forms and other processes where there are any accessibility requirements. Please contact Accommodation Services if assistance is required.

If you are intending to apply for accommodation and have specific housing needs relating to your disability, please contact Accommodation Services as soon as possible so that we can discuss your particular requirements and ensure that the most suitable facilities are in place for your needs.

Any other specific requirements

Should you have any medical or other issues that you think should be taken into consideration regarding your allocation in a hall of residence, you should state this clearly on your application for accommodation in the appropriate section. We will then endeavour to assist in finding you a room that best suits your needs. This information may include things like you requiring a ground floor room, a room in a residence nearer to the university due to a mobility issue or illnesses which cause fatigue, sharp bin required for needle disposal, additional fire system equipment being required due to hearing impairment, etc. It would also be useful if you provided us with information on any health condition e.g. epilepsy, mental health difficulties, Asperger’s, etc. which may not affect your room/residence but may be useful for us to know of for other reasons.