Frequently asked questions

Frequently-asked-questions about student accommodation at the University of Greenwich. Includes information on applying, costs, and when you need to apply.

Living in halls - finance

When do I need to pay my accommodation fees by?

You will not be required to pay any accommodation fees until after you have signed your Licence Agreement and moved into halls. You select your own payment plan scheme. For students in residence for the duration of the academic year there are options to pay in 9 instalments (at the end of each month), 3 instalments (one to be paid at the start of each term), or in one instalment (to be paid by 30 September or within one month of arrival).

The first payment will be due on September 30 if you move into halls in September. If you move in after the start of the academic year or are in residence for one semester only,  further information regarding your payment options will be available at the time of booking. Staff are also available to discuss your payment plan options if you have any queries. For residents moving in after September, your first instalment would be due at the end of the month that you have moved in to hall.

Please note that your deposit will be offset against your accommodation fees and should be deducted from your first instalment plan. Most residents will deduct the deposit payment from the first instalment but you can choose the option most convenient for you.

Further information about fees, payments and instalment plans is available in the Accommodation Portal and within your booking acceptance forms.

How are the instalments calculated?

You are charged fees from the start date of your Licence Agreement until the end date of the Licence Agreement (standard end date is the 3rd Saturday in June but some students may have earlier or later official end dates).

Your total fees are shown on your Licence Agreement and you should check this amount. If you have any queries regarding your payment plan or fees, particularly if you receive a fee payment reminder and are not certain of the amount due, please contact the Accommodation Service Team.

You pay an equal portion of the fees in each instalment. If you are living in halls for all three terms and wish to pay termly you will pay 1/3 of your fees at the start of each term (dates are shown at time of acceptance and are available within the Accommodation Portal). If you wish to pay monthly and you live in halls for the full academic session you will pay 1/9 of your fees at the end of each month from 30th September to 31st May. The calculation for instalment plans will vary accordingly for students on non-standard licence dates.

Payments are not for an exact period of time, they are an equal share of your total hall fees. If you are released from your Licence Agreement before the original end date your account will be adjusted accordingly and you will be notified of the final balance or if a credit is due back to you.

Do I get my deposit back?

If you have already taken up residence your deposit will offset against your accommodation fees and should be deducted from your first instalment plan. If there are any charges or damages that you are liable for, during you time in hall, you will be notified and any costs applied to your accommodation account. You will be expected to pay the costs no later than the end of your Licence Agreement or, if costs are applied after departure, within 28 days.

If you cancel your room booking 21 days before the start date of your Licence Agreement, your full deposit will be refunded.  If you cancel after this time some or all of your deposit may be used to cover any loss to the University. The University will take steps to mitigate your loss by trying to find a replacement resident to take your place but will charge you up to the full deposit amount if no replacement is found.

Are there any other things I need to pay for?

You need to pay for your own food and other personal items you require while in hall.

You will need to pay for laundry costs (each hall has launderette facilities).

If you wish to bring a car, you will need to pay for parking at the Avery Hill Campus and Medway Campus Monday to Friday (there is no parking available at the Greenwich halls).

You need to pay for replacement keys if you lose the set issued to you on arrival. If the keys can be identified and are lost in the proximity of the hall you may also need to pay for a lock change.

You will need to pay cleaning costs if the condition of your room is poor when you vacate the building or there are any issues with the cleanliness of the flat while you are living there (residents are always encouraged to work together with their flatmates to keep communal areas clean and tidy, staff can assist if there are problems).

You may be charged costs for deliberate or accidental damage in the flat or your room. If damage is noted or reported during the residency period, residents will be written to and asked to provide further information and to discuss communal matters with their flatmates. Accommodation Service staff will take steps to ensure charges are applied fairly and only to residents who have taken responsibility, or are considered liable. Residents will be asked to tell staff before they depart if there are any damages as liability will be assumed to be shared if they are noted after the end of the licence period and everyone has vacated. To avoid damage costs, you must ensure you carefully complete your inventory on arrival and report any issues to staff immediately if they arise during your time in residence.

Living in halls - general queries

What if I want to leave before my licence ends?

If you are withdrawing from your programme of study or interrupting your studies then you must notify the Accommodation Service by completing a Leaving Early Form online through the accommodation portal requesting to vacate your accommodation and contact staff via email Staff will usually be alerted when your student status changes but you should also ensure you contact the Accommodation Service in person. You will be given a 28 day notice period from the day you submit the form. If you wish to be replaced before the 28 day notice period is up, we will try to find a replacement student to take your room and you will be asked to confirm your date of departure on the relevant form.

If you wish to vacate for another reason then you should complete the Leaving Early form available on the accommodation portal and speak with a member of the Accommodation Services Team. The Team will advise if there is a waiting list of students looking for accommodation. If this is the situation then arrangements will be made for another student to move in and your licence will be terminated. If there is not a waiting list you will need to find a new student to move into your room or you will remain liable for the fees until the licence ends. Please be aware that it can often be difficult to find a replacement after mid-October and becomes more difficult as the academic year progresses. You should therefore consider very carefully whether the halls environment is somewhere you would like to live before completing your licence agreement.

What if I want to move to another room or hall of residence?

Residents can apply for room swaps from the first Monday in October by submitting a Room Transfer Request online on the accommodation portal. Moves will be arranged subject to availability and you will be asked to stay in touch with the Team and regularly check the availability and/or whether there are other students who would prefer your room type and with whom you could swap.

What if I don't like my flatmates or I have problems in my accommodation?

Accommodation Services Teams are available 24/7 to assist you and will work closely with you to ensure that you feel happy and settled and that the problems you are experiencing are resolved.  You should either contact the Resident Assistant in the hall (6pm to 8am Monday to Friday and 6pm to 8am Friday to Monday) or email or speak with Accommodation Services Team weekdays from 10am to 4pm.

Is there car parking available?

Car parking permits are available at Avery Hill and Medway. You can apply for this permit, which is only available to student who live on campus, via the student portal. There is no parking at halls of residence in Greenwich. Further information is available at on the university's accommodation webpages.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, students are allowed visitors and guests. However they must have the agreement of their flatmates before having a guest stay over for periods of more than one night. Please remember that bedrooms are for single occupancy and there is not space for a number of guests, guests are not permitted to sleep in communal areas of the flat. Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests at all times and must ensure they are aware of the regulations, of the evacuation procedures should the fire alarm activate and that they are not left alone in the flat or provided with a key.

Further information about the regulations regarding guests is included in the Accommodation Licence Agreement.

I did not get an offer for halls, where else can I live?

We operate waiting lists for our halls of residence. If you contact the accommodation services they will be able to add you to this list and endeavour to offer you based on availability. We also provide a list of alternative housing in the area to help you with your search.

My course doesn't start in September, can I still get accommodation?

We are aware that there are different course start dates, specifically January and March starters. For these start dates you do not qualify for the accommodation guarantee, however there are often rooms available and you will be able to make an application from mid-October if you are starting a programme of study in January. Applications for students commencing studies in March will open in January, please check the accommodation portal for further information nearer to the time applications will open.

The Team will notify you shortly after you have submitted your application when you will expect to receive an offer of accommodation and will keep you up to date with the status of your application. If you are starting a programme of study at any other time of year then you will be able to make an application via the portal and staff will notify you of availability and discuss your accommodation options with you.

Can I stay in halls for the summer vacation and/or in my next academic year?

Returning students are guaranteed university accommodation for subsequent academic sessions rooms are normally available for returning students, particularly at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses. At both of these campuses, we have been able in recent years to offer rooms to the majority of continuing students who apply. Applications usually open in February and information is sent to all students shortly after the start of the second semester. If you are a January starter who requires accommodation until the following January, you will also need to complete this application process. If you are a March starter you will be provided with information about applying for the next academic year during your booking process.

A separate application process for rooms during the summer is in place which usually runs throughout January. At the end of semester one and beginning of semester two, information about the process is sent to students who registered an interest in summer housing when completing their halls application form. If you did not register an interest at the time of your original application please amend it via the link in the portal or by contacting Accommodation Service staff.

Can I smoke in my room?

No, the University has a no smoking policy throughout its buildings. Smoking is not permitted in any of the halls of residences or university owned or managed buildings.

Applying for accommodation

When can I apply for accommodation?

Applications for new students open 10 March and you can apply any time after this date. Students who apply on or before 30 June are guaranteed accommodation (see the Accommodation Guarantee for full conditions). We recommend submitting an application no later than 30 June if possible as students whose applications are received before that date have priority booking status and will have the first chance to choose a room providing they meet the guarantee criteria

Please note that applications received before 30 June are not considered on a first come first served basis and any applicant submitting by the end of the day 30 June will be given equal chance to book one of their preferred rooms. After this date, applications will be considered in date order from when they were received.

How do I apply for accommodation?

You can only apply for accommodation after you have confirmed the University of Greenwich as your firm choice on UCAS or if you are a direct entrant via the Admissions Office. You can apply online by clicking on the 'Apply Now' button available on accommodation webpages.

Please note that if you have advised UCAS you planned to live at home this does not affect you making an application for halls of residence and you can apply regardless of the information you supplied to UCAS.

When do I need to apply for accommodation by?

The deadline to apply for accommodation in order to be covered by the Accommodation Guarantee is 30 June.      

After this date an offer of accommodation will be subject to availability, however the majority of students who apply after the deadline (including those who apply through Clearing) are normally offered accommodation. Please submit an application as soon as you have received your acceptance and portal log-in credentials from the university.

What is the accommodation guarantee?

The University of Greenwich guarantees all new students a place in a hall of residence or in university-approved housing* provided that they have met all the conditions of the guarantee below. Please note that applications for accommodation are open for students who have firmly accepted either a conditional or unconditional offer to study.

Please be aware that the guarantee criteria this is not applicable to Bird College Students.

Accommodation guarantee conditions
  • You are attending the University of Greenwich for the first time (either as a first-year undergraduate or postgraduate, or as a direct entrant to another year)
  • Your accommodation application has been received before 30 June.
  • You are enrolling on a full-time programme of study, for which you have qualified and have accepted your offer of study
  • You start your studies in September and you are studying for the whole academic year (note: students studying for one semester can also live in halls of residence)
  • You are studying on one of the three main University of Greenwich campuses (Avery Hill, Greenwich or Medway)

Greenwich Campus-based students should note that if you are unable to book a room in a hall near the Greenwich Campus, a room in the Student Village at Avery Hill will normally be available to be booked. More than half the residents of the Student Village study at the Greenwich Campus and a free intercampus bus runs between the two sites.

In the unlikely event that rooms within university halls are unavailable, the university will either find you alternative university-approved housing or secure a room for you in short-term accommodation until a room within a university hall becomes available.

I am studying at a partner college, can I apply for university accommodation?

The University is not usually able to extend the guarantee of accommodation to students enrolled at partner colleges. Students at our partner colleges are advised to contact the Accommodation Service Team directly if they are interested in living in one of the halls of residence. If you cannot be offered a place in halls of residence you will be advised of alternative options available to you.

Can I apply if I do not meet the terms of the accommodation guarantee?

Yes. The Accommodation Service will consider applications from full-time students who are attending for one semester, are attending at a partner college or who apply after the Accommodation Guarantee deadline. However, we cannot guarantee you will be offered a room.

Offers will be subject to availability and if you cannot make a booking in halls of residence we can supply information about alternative housing options.

I only listed halls at the Greenwich campus in my preferences, but I can only book a room in the Student Village at Avery Hill - why?

If you did not list the Student Village at Avery Hill as a preference but you can only see rooms at Avery Hill, it is usually because  there is no more availability in the Greenwich Campus halls. The majority of residents who live at Avery Hill study on the Greenwich Campus and a free bus runs throughout the day (Monday to Friday) between Avery Hill and Greenwich giving students the flexibility to enjoy what Avery Hill has to offer while still having access to their lectures and the facilities on the Greenwich Campus. A large proportion of continuing students also return to live at Avery Hill throughout some or all of their programme.

Moving into halls of residence

When do we move into our accommodation?

The standard moving in weekend is 2nd weekend in September between 10am and 5pm. In some circumstances it may be possible to move in ahead of the standard arrival date and further information will be sent to residents regarding check in and arrivals. If you have been offered a room with a move-in date before or after the main arrival weekend, you will be advised of when you can take up residence after completing all the steps to accept your booking.

Can I move in before or after the main move in weekend in September?

If you require a room before the main move in date in September or the booking date shown in your offer, its best that you contact team on (you also have the opportunity to note your programme start date on your application form).

There is limited availability in the residences earlier than the main move in weekend in September but where possible we will try and accommodate your request.

If you are looking to move later than the start of your licence, please note that we will hold the room for you for 2 weeks following which time your room may be cancelled and deposit withheld to cover the period of time when the room was held for you. You will be able to inform the Accommodation Team of the planned arrival date by completing an online check in. If you are unable to arrive within the first two weeks since the start of your Accommodation Licence Agreement, please contact the team on and we will discuss your specific circumstance directly with you.

What should I bring with me when I move into accommodation?

All furniture, including beds and mattresses, a wardrobe, a desk, a desk chair and book shelves are included in the room for you. However, you will need to bring your own bed linen, towels, all kitchen crockery, utensils, and any other personal items such as laundry baskets, bins, floor mats, toilet roll and cleaning supplies. Please check the University of Greenwich website for a full breakdown of what is available at each of our halls.

Why not take the hassle out of transporting all your bedding and kitchenware with you and simply pre-order them from UniKitOut!

Choose from a range of essential items to be delivered to your room in halls so that they are ready for your arrival. UniKitOut packs are ideal for our international students moving to the UK, and our home students travelling long distances to get to our halls. All you need to do is follow the link to the UniKItOut website, choose what you would like, select you halls from the list, confirm and pay for your goods. Why not use our special 10% discount code GREENWICH10 at the check out.

The pack will then be delivered to your room in halls before you arrive (if you order in time before the 10th September) so that you can settle in quickly into your exciting new home.

Can I stay in halls over Christmas and Easter?

Yes, the Licence Agreement period includes Christmas and Easter holiday periods (unless the licence begins after these have passed) so you can stay in the room during these periods. Please note you will be charged for the Christmas and Easter holiday periods regardless of whether or not you stay in your room.

For students who have licences running outside of the standard dates you will be able to remain in hall for some or all of the summer vacation period, depending on your licence start and/or end date. You may be required to transfer to a different room and will be provided with further information when your booking is confirmed.

Who can I talk to if I have any queries about my accommodation?

The Accommodation Service Teams are based on each campus within the Student Centre and are open Monday to Friday, 10am–4pm.

Tel: 020 8331 8272 (option 3)

The Accommodation Services Team aim to reply to emails within one working day. If you do not receive a response please check that the email address is correct and re-send your message or contact the Accommodation Services Team via telephone.

What if I change my mind about wanting to live in halls and I've already accepted an offer of accommodation and signed a licence agreement?

You can be released from your Licence Agreement without financial obligation provided you notify the Accommodation Services Team at least 3 weeks (21 days) before the start date of your Licence Agreement.

If your Licence Agreement begins in less than 3 weeks, you should still advise the Accommodation Services Team immediately so we can try to find a replacement student for your room and reduce your liability. For students moving in on the standard start dates in September, we are normally able to find a replacement student a few days beforehand although this cannot always be guaranteed.

Applying for accommodation

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