Renting privately

If you want to live in a local house, flat or lodgings while you study at the University of Greenwich, Accommodation Service staff are available to point you in the right direction.

To help students find private accommodation, we have partnered with Studentpad, an online student accommodation service. You will find a wide variety of properties advertised on the site, from bedsits to shared houses.

Covid-19 guidance for renting privately

Students renting accommodation in the private sector are encouraged to ensure that they keep up-to-date on the latest government guidance on Covid-19 relating to renting.

Help for EU and International students

We have partnered with YourGuarantor to help International and EU students who need a UK rent guarantor for renting in the private sector. This is not available to students in their first year of study at the university.

You can find out more about this scheme on our YourGuarantor page.

Landlord with property to rent?

Contact our Accommodation Services Office (below) to discuss. Our staff can set up your listing for you and make any changes to your adverts.

Only your name and your contact number will be listed. Your personal address and the house number of the property you are advertising will not be displayed.