Wolfson Centre

Abrasion and wear

Our experts can advise on the most appropriate route to mitigating or controlling wear issues for a given piece of plant.

Many handling systems used in industry can be subject to wear by the interaction with the bulk solids that are being transported.  In some situations wear can develop over many years of service and be anticipated, however for some plants rapid wear develops unexpectedly and potentially leading of equipment failure or loss of product to the environment.

Unanticipated wear rates  in pneumatic conveying systems is commonplace and is often associated with changes in the type or source of feed stock that correlate into increased abrasive characteristics and / or changes in the layout or operating conditions for a pipeline (i.e. increased length, extra  bends added, etc.)

Test equipment unique to The Wolfson Centre can be used to evaluate the relative wear resistance for bend lining materials subjected to dispersed, high velocity particle impacts. Alternatively surface mass loss due to shear effects (i.e. screw or drag link conveyor beds) can also be examined.

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