Wolfson Centre

Expert witness services

For companies involved in litigation, arbitration or adjudication matters, we can provide reports, analyses, 'forensic engineering' or court appearances.

We are specialists in all matters relating to powders and bulk solids across all industries, including process engineering, pharmaceuticals, recycling, mining, food processing and construction.

Our experts can provide expert witness services in:

Pneumatic conveying

Handling and storage

Silo structural failure

Cargo damage / contamination

Abnormal wear of plant

Caking, segregation or degradation

Dust control

Process control

Powder characterisation

Patents and trademarks

We have the largest collection of resources for tackling solids handling challenges anywhere in the UK and Europe – and possibly in the world. We are also normally able to obtain and install any item of equipment required for a given project if not currently in our plant portfolio.

So, if you need to discuss a case in confidence, please contact the Wolfson Centre.