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Problem not listed?

There's far more to powder related problems than simply being unable to achieve flow from a hopper without the use of a hammer!

Inconsistent behaviour of bulk solids through processes can induce a wide range of product quality or process control issues.  Such as:

  • Pack weight variation
  • Overfilling of containers
  • Poor weight monitoring consistency for silos and hoppers
  • Variability in mill output rates or size distributions
  • Inconsistent blending performance between batches
  • Plant output rate limiting control 'bottlenecks" (i.e. sequence timings in automated systems)

The list of possible impacts for plants, quarries, port terminals and processes in general is almost limitless due to the wide range of interdependent operations that take place.  One common thread to many problems is that the influence of the bulk solid is either ignored or not even considered.  This often results in considerable resources being focussed on what are perceived as hardware related problems, but which in fact are nothing of the kind!

Whatever your problem is in powder handling - even if it is not listed - please contact us. We can help you. 

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