To receive your certificate and transcript you must ensure that your address details are up to date. This information is for students who will soon be completing their studies.

Result letters

Result letters are not posted or emailed to students and are available to view on the Student Portal.  If you need to obtain a physical copy of your letter then please visit the Student Centre with your Greenwich Gateway card.

The Student Centre will not post out letters and will only issue them to you if the letter has been published online and there are no restrictions on your record preventing the issuing of the letter.

Addresses for certificates and transcripts

Remember that we use any active Mailing address (MA) as a first choice, followed by the Permanent address (PR).

The University of Greenwich expects all students to look after their own addresses, updating them as soon as they change. To check and update your addresses you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your Student Portal
  2. Select the Student Records link found in the dark grey bar or in the option button on a mobile device 
  3. Select Personal Information
  4. Select View / Update Address(es) and Telephone Number(s)
  5. Here you can view what the university holds for you and allows you to edit, delete or add a new address.

It is recommended that you check and enter a Mailing address (MA) before you finish your exams to ensure your transcripts and certificate go to the address you would like to receive it.

After a student completes their studies the University does not use Term Time addresses that may be recorded on a students record.  If you are an International and European Students this will likely mean that we will only use the address in your home country and therefore documents might take slightly longer to arrive.

Usually, the Certificate and Transcripts team will email you if your address is outside of the UK to make sure the address is correct and may offer additional postal options. 

As well as keeping your addresses up to date, it would also be worth checking your email addresses are accurate. After you have completed your programme the email address the University provided to you will become inactive after a certain number of days so please make sure your personal email is up to date (see IT, Library, Email and Access for more detail).

This makes it easier for the University to reply to any future queries you have and also means we can let you know about the work of the University and any services you can still access (see Alumni and Continued Support for more detail).