Guidance and support for continuing students registering with the university. Including key dates for registration, expected closures of online registration and information for postgraduate students.

Registration for continuing students has now closed for 2019/20 academic session.

If you have not registered for the 2019/20 academic session please visit the Student Centre or email for guidance.

All continuing student need to register at the start of the academic year to ensure they keep access to all the university services they are entitled to, ensure the Greenwich Gateway card continues to work, as well as making sure that their student record stays active and up to date.

This is completed through the Online Registration service which is available on the Student Portal from late August through to the early part of the Autumn term and means that students do not need to go to attend Face to Face Registration.  

This will apply to all continuing students studying at Avery Hill, Greenwich and Medway as well as students studying via distance learning or studying at our Partner and Network Colleges.

Dates for Continuing registration 2019/20 

It is strongly advise continuing students register as soon as possible and ideally before the start of teaching (23 September 2019 for most students) to make sure that you they have full access to all university services and that their attendance can be recorded accurately  

Students who require to register will start receiving emails inviting them to register from Monday 19 August 2019.  Any student who had to resubmit a piece of coursework or resit an exam over the summer will receive their invitation emails at a later date.   

A summary of key dates, times and events can be found below:

From Monday 19 August 09:00 onward Invitations sent to continuing students to register for new academic year
Tuesday 20 August 09:00  Online Registration service opens
Monday 2 to Friday 13 September 08:00 to 10:00 Online Registration closed for all continuing students for updating student records following the reassessment period (more detail in the section below)
Monday 23 September    Expected date for continuing students to complete Online Registration*
Monday 21 October  09:00 Online Registration for continuing students closes for 2019/20 academic year

*Students that receive their invitation to register in August must complete their online registration before 23 September 2019 or before they return to lectures, which ever is earlier.

Online Registration Morning Closures

Online Registration will be closed each weekday from 08:00 to 10:00 between 2 September and 13 September 2019.

These closures allow the Student Records Team to process the decisions from the Progression and Award Boards (PAB) and set up the records for students who had to complete re-assessments over the summer period, or where the PAB was slightly later in the academic year.

During these times no continuing student will be able to use the Online Registration system.  If you encounter a message saying the system is closed for your cohort, please wait until after 10:00 and try again before contacting the Student Centre.

Postgraduate Students

Students on Postgraduate Taught (PGT) or Postgraduate Research (PGR) programmes will need to register at the same time as all continuing students, regardless of their original start date.  This will include any student awaiting the final results of their award and are expecting to complete their studies in September or October.

The registration invitation emails will only be sent to students that are expected to register.

Guidance notes

Guidance for continuing students on the online registration process which covers each of the online registration stages.