When registration opens for your course, we’ll send you an invitation to register online. This can be completed from any device with an internet connection.

Before you do this, you must have met any conditions of your offer and returned any forms sent to you (e.g. fee assessment forms).

You should complete online registration before the first day of your course except for postgraduate research students, who should wait until their official start date to begin.

How to register

1. Log in to the Portal

Log in to the Student Portal using your university username and password. If you are a new student, these should have been sent to your personal email address.

If you have not received your details before you are invited to register, or if you have any issues with your password, please contact ITServiceDesk@gre.ac.uk or call +44(0)20 8331 7555.

2. Select online registration on the Portal home page

3. Complete the instructions as directed

4. Follow the next steps on the completion screen

If you are a new student, please now proceed to Part 2: Document Checks.

If you have a query

During your online registration, you can query important information such as your course or your fees if you think anything is wrong. Our staff will answer your queries on the system.

In some instances, your registration will be paused while we confirm that details such as fees are correct.

You can follow the progress of any queries in your 'Query Tracker' at the start of the online registration process. The statuses are:

  • P = Processing
  • A = Awaiting information (e.g. authorisation from Faculty or another office)
  • C Complete

We will add a comment if further action is required from you, or if we need to explain something.

We respond to most queries within a few days. Some may take longer, especially if they need to be approved by another department. Please do not send the same query more than once.

Any query in red means you must wait before you can continue online registration. Please check regularly for an update. For other queries, you are still able to proceed.

Online Registration will be open throughout the university closure over the holiday period (22nd December to 5th January), however queries raised during this time will not begin to be processed until the university reopens in the new year.

Common queries

What are the registration dates and deadlines?

Continuing Students: Registration is now closed for continuing students.  If you need to register please contact your faculty to discuss supporting your late registration

New students starting in September 2020: Registration is now closed for continuing students.  If you need to register please contact your faculty to discuss supporting your late registration

New students starting in January 2021: Registration opened on 23rd November and will close at 09:00 on 4th February 2020.  All students must complete their Online Registration and Document Checks in full, before 4th February and be actively engaging with the programme of study and online learning through Moodle.

I am studying a short course. What is my status?

We use 'Associate Programme' for those studying one-off short courses or modules with the university. It is most common for CPD modules linked with the NHS. This is normally correct, but you can check with your tutor if you are unsure.

What should I put for my address?

Permanent address: This is where would stay if you were not at university or if you are living at home during your studies. If you are an international student, this address is in your home country.

Term-time address: This is where you will stay during your studies. If you are living at home, you will only need to add a permanent address. If you are an international student, you must enter a UK address here. If you are in temporary accommodation, you can use this and update it if you move home during your studies.

If you are moving into halls, this will become your term time address and should update automatically when you move in.

Mailing address: This is optional for any official post from the university. During term time, we will otherwise use the term-time address. During official holidays or after you complete your course, we otherwise use your permanent address.

If you are an international student planning to stay in the UK during the holiday period or after completing your programme, we recommend adding this address to make sure you get any important mail.

Why can't I change my identification details?

Details such as your name, DOB or nationality will be changed by the registration team when you submit your documents for checks.

We can only update your nationality if you provide us with your current passport. If your passport nationality is different from what should be recorded, please supply evidence of the change, such as a certificate of naturalisation.

I'm still awaiting confirmation of my loan

If your eligibility for a student loan hasn't yet been confirmed by the time you register, you can still proceed with online registration. Select the 'Student Finance England (SFE), Wales or NI, Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance services European Team' option.

By completing online registration, you understand that the university allows six weeks from the date you begin registration for one of the following to happen.

  • The provider confirms with us that your fees will be paid through your support package. No further action is needed unless you are taking additional credits that your provider is not funding (in which case, see methods of payment).
  • The provider confirms with us that your fees will not be paid through your support package. You will need to arrange to pay your fees another way.

After six weeks

If six weeks have almost passed and no decision has been made, contact Student Finance with evidence that you have met any requirements relating to your application for support.

What does it mean if registration is closed?

This could due to the following circumstances.

A temporary or planned closure. Registration is not available for continuing students between 07:30 and 10:30 for three weeks before the September term begins. Please avoid these times to ensure best access to registration.

You are trying to register too early. You need to wait for your invite to register before you can access registration.

You are registering late. We may need approval from your faculty to permit your registration.  Please visit or contact your student centre for what to do next.

I am a continuing student and cannot register

Did you have a resit or resubmission over the summer? Did you submit an appeal? Do you have outstanding tuition fees from last year?

Summer resit:  If you took a summer resit, this must be processed by your Faculty exam board and Student Records. When this is done, you will be sent an invitation to register for the new academic year.

Academic appeal: If you submitted an academic appeal, and it is still in process, you will only be able to register once the decision and outcome has been reached. This is because the decision may impact what or the way you study in the next academic year.

Outstanding tuition fee: If you owe tuition fees from the previous session, you will not be able to register until this is resolved. You will need to discuss this with Student Finance.

I started in January/March. Should I register in September?

Yes. If you have not completed your course, regardless of when you started, you will need to register for the new academic year.

I am finishing a dissertation. Should I register?

Yes. All students that need to register for the new academic year will receive an invite from the university reminding them to do this. If you have not officially been awarded your qualification, you need to register every academic year.