Online Registration

When registration opens for your course, we’ll send you an invitation to register online. This can be completed from any device with an internet connection.

The first step to being a fully registered student of the University of Greenwich is to complete your online registration. All students (except new postgraduate research students) should aim to complete online registration before the first day of their course.

You'll need to complete online registration at the start of your programme and at the start each academic year until you finish and have an official results letter saying you have completed.

New postgraduate research students should not start their online registration until the official start date on their contract or offer letter.

Once your student record is ready for you to start registering online, you should receive an email invite letting you know what to do.

How to complete Online Registration

1. Get your username and password

Your username and password should be sent to your personal email address before you begin your course. You'll use the same login details for each year you continue to study with us.

If you have not received your login details before you are invited to register, check your junk/spam folders. If you can't find your details, contact our IT team by emailing ITServiceDesk@gre.ac.uk or calling +44(0)20 8331 7555.

2. Log into Online Registration

You can also click the Online Registration button on the Portal.

4. Complete your action items

Action items are the stages of Online Registration. You'll need to read through the instructions for each Item and confirm or update the information on the screen.

If there is missing or incorrect information that you can't correct on the action item screen, you can raise a query and track its progress through your Query Tracker.

5. Confirm how your fees will be paid

If you have the Fee Payment action item, you will need to either pay your tuition fees or let us know how they will be paid. You can find out how to pay your tuition fees on the How to Pay Your Fees webpage.

If you make a payment through Convera GlobalPay, you will need to return and complete this step of online registration after the payment is received. We recommend making any Convera GlobalPay payments at least one full week before the registration deadline.

6. Follow the guidance on the 'Next Steps' completion screen

This final action item will confirm that you have completed your Online Registration and let you know what to do next.

If you experience any delay finalising your registration, we recommend you still attend any classes, lectures, and sessions that you can.

New students

If you are starting a new course, you will need to make sure you have met all the conditions of your offer and returned any forms sent to you (e.g. fee assessment forms) by the University.

Once your student record is ready, you should receive your username and password in two separate emails. When registration opens for your cohort, you'll receive an invitation to register and further instructions by email.

Once you've completed online registration, you'll need to complete your Document Checks

Online Registration and all necessary Document Checks must be completed before the deadlines set by the University of Greenwich.

Continuing students

If you are continuing your studies with us into the next academic year beginning in September, you'll need to have received your results letter confirming that your year is complete and that you can move to the next part of your degree.

You should receive an invitation to re-register around the end of August. Please be aware that some issues with your account (overdue fees, pending health checks, etc.) may prevent you from being invited to register.

Make sure you complete all outstanding action items and reach the Next Steps screen in Online Registration so that your account, IT access, and Student ID card will stay active.

Partner & Network students

If you are studying with one of our partner or network colleges, you will receive your username and password in two separate emails and will need to complete Online Registration through your Portal.

Once you have clicked 'Confirm' on the 'Next Steps' page, your Online Registration will be complete. There is no need to proceed to further stages of registration with us - your qualification and identity checks will be performed by your college.

Key dates for new students

If you are beginning a course in April, your key dates are:

Online Registration opensMonday 18 March
Suggested last day to make minimum tuition fee payment (self-funded students) Friday 3 May
Suggested last day to complete Online Registration and Document Checks Friday 3 May
Last day to arrive in the UK for studies Friday 3 May
Online Registration closes Friday 10 May, 09:00
Document Checks/Face-to-face registration closes (last opportunity to collect student ID card)Friday 10 May, 16:00
If you do not complete your registration in full by these times, the University will look to close your record and you will not be able to continue your studies.

Key dates for continuing students

If you are continuing your studies with us, you must re-register every September.

Online Registration opens Tuesday 29 August
Online Registration closes Friday 13 October
If you do not complete your registration in full by these times, the University will look to close your record and you will not be able to continue your studies.

Any questions?

If you'd like more information, check out our Digital Student Centre. You can find FAQs or log an enquiry and we'll get back to you.