As a new student, there are a few things to do to fully registered, get your Greenwich Gateway card and to access university facilities.

Once you have got your place at the University of Greenwich you will need complete registration.

Registration happens after all the application and admission steps are finished and starts with you completing our Online Registration through the Student Portal and finishes with Face to Face Checks and Card Collection

New September 2019 Starters

To ensure you can register, please check that you have completed all of the processes leading up to registration. 

You may also find some useful information in our Information for New Students booklet, which will give you an overview of registration as well as being a general guide to help you prepare for university and how to make the most of the start of term.  

When your record is ready for registration and the service is open for your course, we will send you an invitation to register with the university.  This will guide you to log in to the Student Portal using your university username and password, both of which you will should have received in two separate emails sent to your personal email address.

Online Registration

To complete online registration you will need to log in to the university portal and go through a series of steps to  check, update and provide some details before you start your programme.  

Online Registration will be open from: 09:00 Wednesday 21st August to 09:00 Monday 21st October

This will include checking and updating some of your personal details, making sure your are on the right degree programme, pay or tell us how your tuition fees are being paid and give you the chance to upload a photo to use on your Greenwich Gateway card.  

Click here for more information on how to complete online registration

Once you have completed Online Registration you will be given instruction on how to complete the next steps of Face to Face Registration and Card Collection.  

Face to Face Checks and Card Collection

Depending on the type of student you are and where you are studying, what you do once you have completed Online Registration differs.  

To find out how to complete Face to Face Registration and Card Collection please choose one of the following options:

Postgraduate Research Students

Postgraduate Research Students must not start any step of the registration process before the official start date your offer and contract letter.  If you receive your invitation to register, please wait until your official start date before starting to register.

Awaiting confirmation of fees support?

Important information for undergraduate students who are waiting to hear from their student support provider.