Research, knowledge exchange and partnerships for a sustainable future

Solving the many social and environmental challenges, including climate change, that we face requires universities to lead, support and deliver sustainability-focused research. University of Greenwich researchers are making significant contributions across our Faculties on a range of projects.

Our Research and Knowledge Exchange Sub-Strategy states that “we will measure our focus on local, national and international impact in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, responding to some of the world’s biggest challenges by developing sustainable solutions”, along with noting that  “there is a central commitment to sustainability which runs through this

We encourage staff to apply a sustainability lens within their expert areas to identify new perspectives. This creates opportunities for interdisciplinary research across our research community and in collaboration with other universities and partners locally, across the UK and throughout the world. Staff can contact the Sustainable Development Unit led by Simon Goldsmith to see how they can assist in developing projects to deliver impacts for people and the planet.

The University’s Natural Resources Institute is a leader in natural resources research, promoting efficient management and use of renewable natural resources in support of sustainable livelihoods. Research is primarily focused on developing and emerging economies.

Sustainable development relates to almost all areas of research within the University.  Find out more about our research and individual projects delivered by our research centres.

Knowledge exchange and partnerships

We know that a sustainable society cannot be delivered without collaboration and a range of partnerships. The University of Greenwich is working with partners across the world on a range of sustainability focused research projects. These are often in partnership with local educational institutions, government agencies and commercial organisations. We work on commercial and funded projects that are delivering outcomes essential for humanity and the planet and we are keen to collaborate with anyone sharing our ethos to use research as a power for good.

Find out more about our partnerships.


The Sustainability Development Team provides training for researchers, highlighting how this topic can be an asset to research and introducing tools to help in the application of sustainability in the process of research development and delivery. Contact Greenwich Research and Enterprise for more information.

You can contact the Sustainability Development Unit by email: