University Mental Health Day

To mark national University Mental Health Day on 14 March, we’re focusing on mental health and wellbeing with a programme of workshops, discussions and resources which are open to staff and students in the early March 2024.

University Mental Health Day is celebrated across the UK bringing the university community together to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing change to the future of student and staff mental health. Our own programme of events will reflect that whole community, whole university approach.University Mental Health Day

As the sector develops its focus on staff and student wellbeing, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation, contributing to UK-wide discussions, ideas and policies and working with colleagues across the sector.

Every year we celebrate the University Mental Health Day to spread the message that it is okay not to be okay, that a lot of people can get better, and that our university community cares.

What's on

We have collaborated to present many activities, encompassing online and in-person events throughout the university. This includes a keynote session featuring senior leadership team members, students, and distinguished guests. These are Rachel Ashton - Executive Director of Student and Academic Services, Gail Brindley - Executive Director of People, Jenny Marie - Pro Vice-Chancellor Education, and Derek Moore - Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education, Health, and Human Sciences and a respected member of the Student Union.

University Mental Health Day 2024 will include sessions from the Institute for Lifecourse Development, STAART and the Staff Wellbeing Network, Disabled Staff Community, and the Student Wellbeing team as well as Nature and Mindfulness, Yoga and Colouring sessions and hearing and Greenwich Students' Union about student mental health.

Information is being provided on the mental health and wellbeing support on offer for staff and students and how you can make the most of what is available around the university. We have also included a list of useful resources to view in your own time via the links below.

Support for students

The Student Wellbeing Service: We offer a range of support services to help you make the most of your time with us. Specialist advice from a Disability and Dyslexia team, Mental Health Team, Psychological Wellbeing Team and Counselling services.

Spectrum Life provide 24/7, 365 days a year FREE wellbeing support and counselling via phone or online chat to all students.

Register now to join Spectrum Life using the code “uogwell”.

Students can sign up for FREE and access lots of resources like mindfulness courses, fitness classes, recipes, discount codes, podcasts and webinars related to managing stress, sleep, mental health & more!

Freephone UK: 0800 031 8227   / INT: 00353 1 518 0277  WhatsApp: Text ‘Hi’ to 07418 360 780

Spectrum Life

Other Sources of SupportAlongside our counselling service, there are a range of volunteer services, self-help guides, and support services you can turn to if you need additional help.

STAART | Support | University of Greenwich: STAART (formerly the *AccessAbility Project) supports students with a disability, long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty, and/or mental health condition to thrive at university.

GSU - Stressbusters: This is your place to find activities to help you tackle stress and improve your wellbeing while you learn from home, especially during exam and deadline seasons.

GSU - Advice Service: The Students' Union Advice  Team offers free and confidential advice for students at the University of Greenwich. The team is independent of the University, as is the Union, meaning we can give you an impartial view and support on any issues you face.

Podcasts for loneliness and failure:  The Student Wellbeing Coordinators (Mental Health) from University of Greenwich discuss the subject of loneliness and failure in two separate podcasts.

  • Loneliness Podcast:
    • The Student Wellbeing Coordinators (Mental Health) discuss the subject of loneliness in terms of being a student at university.
  • Dealing With Failure
    • The Student Wellbeing Coordinators (Mental Health) discuss what failure means, the reasons that some people have a fear of failure and strategies to overcome this fear.

Support for staff

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support :check out an overview the support available to staff through the university.

NHS Psychological Therapies: Feelings like anxiety and depression can affect us all. If you're struggling with your mental health, the NHS can help you get your feet back on the ground. You can refer yourself or your GP can refer you.

Embedding Mental Wellbeing in the Curriculum (for academic staff)This project, led by De Montfort University, explores how mental wellbeing can be embedded into all aspects of higher education to enhance the student experience. Collaborative research by teams from seven higher education providers and a students’ union has led to the collation of best practice examples and the creation of these Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Staff Wellbeing Network: Open to all staff to join by sending a request to our teams site.

Disabled Staff Community: The Disabled Staff Community is open to all university staff who self-identify as disabled, those fulfilling care roles or community allies. Members are invited to take support, and inspiration and develop understanding from community engagement.

Staff Wellbeing Days: Employees can use wellbeing days to take care of their mental health - find out more here.

Access Able: Access guides to University buildings.

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