The Business School offers skills and opportunities for life. We are a diverse, energetic community, with students and academic staff from all over the world.

The Business School offers a great environment to study in, whether you are taking an undergraduate degree, a master's degree or research at PhD level.

Access to email and timetables

Once you complete registration, you can log in to the Portal to access:

  • Your academic timetable
  • Your learning environment, Moodle
  • Your university email account
  • Your programme timetables

About the campus

Your on-campus activity will take place at Greenwich Campus.

Welcome events

We will add more information about your welcome events as it becomes available.

Key people

There are several people in the Business School who will be important contacts for you.

Personal tutor

Every student is assigned a personal tutor who is the first point of contact for any issues that might impact your studies. They can guide you towards university services and help you to resolve issues. You'll meet your personal tutor during your first week at the university.

The role of a personal tutor.

Programme leader

You'll meet your programme leader on your first day. They manage the degree that you are studying and are an important source of information and advice about the course. They are also the person to contact if you have any concerns about the course.

The role of a programme leader.

Module leaders

Every module you take as part of your course has a module leader, who is an expert on that subject. They are the person to contact if you have any issues about their module.

The role of a module leader.

Programme coordinator

Each department has a programme coordinator to support the administration of the courses. They are extremely knowledgeable and a great source of help and advice relating to your studies.

The role of a programme coordinator.

Retention team

The retention team (Queen Mary 253) is here to help you succeed in your degree. They can help you deal with issues around attending and engaging and advise on a wide range of issues such as when overseas students need to return home for a short while.

Hear from the retention team:

Director of Student Experience

Colin Allen (Queen Mary 250) is responsible for ensuring that the student experience is as good as possible. He welcomes students who are facing problems or issues (but please consult the people above first who may be able to assist you).