Welcome to the Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences

Every student must register before the deadline whether you are a new or continuing student.

Once you've completed Online Registration, you can complete your in-person ID check and collect your Student ID card at one of the Student Centres.


You can view the full term dates for this academic year 2023-24.

We will be welcoming you onto campus with an exciting programme of events and activities - all designed to help you make friends and settle in as quickly as possible. This will include:

  • An introduction to your Programme
  • An introduction to Module Leads with Q&A
  • An outline of school guidelines and expectations
  • An introduction to assessment and online submissions
  • A Timetable Guide
  • Campus tours
  • Student Centre information
  • Student ID card collection
  • An introduction to Library Services and Facilities
  • An introduction to Student Wellbeing services
  • Study Skills Sessions
  • GREFest Events (Our festival of learning)

Essentials for your course

Key people

There are staff to support you every step of the way.

Personal tutors: your primary contact when you have questions or need advice. Usually you'll be told who this is at the start of induction. They can direct you towards student services, help you improve your academic performance, and support you on the path to your first graduate job.

Programme administrators are a valuable source of advice as they know your courses and course teams very well. They can also offer advice on accessing a range of support services.

Module leader: your course modules will be taught by one or several tutors, but this person leads in planning the module, teaching, supporting and assessing it and ensuring quality. They will be able to answer your questions about a specific module.

Programme leaders manage your programme. They co-ordinate the tutors across your modules and are responsible for your academic experience. This person will be named on the webpage for your course.

Contact your school

Get in touch via the Digital Student Centre.

Avery Hill Campus: Library Health Science Building (Ground), +44(0) 20 8331 9406

Greenwich Maritime Campus: Dreadnought Building, D145, +44(0) 20 8331 9745

Medway Campus: Nelson Building, N001, +44(0) 20 8331 9180