Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Science

Please arrive in time to start classes from Monday 8th January.  Details are below.

Welcome Week Timetables

On-campus attendance is needed from the week commencing Monday 8th January – see details below

Medway CampusGreenwich Campus
All postgraduate students in Science – Tuesday 9th JanuaryAll postgraduate students in computing (CMS) – Wednesday 10th January AND Thursday 11th January
All postgraduate students in the Natural Resources Institute – Tuesday 9th January 
All postgraduate students in Engineering – Wednesday 10th January

You can find Welcome Week Highlights for your school here.

Each School is on a separate tab. Please note, this is a short version of the timetables – highlighting the most important activities.

Peter Griffiths

On behalf of all the staff in the Faculty of Engineering and Science, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the university and the next chapter in your life. We look forward to meeting you and enabling you to succeed in your studies with us.

The Faculty is split over two of the university’s campuses, Medway and Greenwich. Our programmes in Science, Engineering, Pharmacy and the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) are mainly based at the Medway campus. Our courses in the Built Environment (Quantity Surveying, Construction Management, Real Estate and Building Design) and all our courses in Computing and Mathematical Sciences are based at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Do make sure you check this list carefully to see on which campus your programme is based.

Our staff have created a variety of essential useful and informative on-campus sessions during Welcome Week (from 8th January) so your programme leader can meet you and provide you with the information you need to ensure that you have a successful time with us. Do make sure that you attend all the Welcome Week sessions timetabled for your programme. Also during that week (8-12 January 2024) the University and SU are running some very helpful sessions as part of WinterFest. WinterFest is our festival of learning, packed full of wellbeing, study skills and support advice, and a great way to make new friends. All these sessions are online so anyone can join in, do check the timetable and attend what you can – do book your place.

Your time with us is not just about your academic studies, it is also a chance to make new friends, gain new experiences and to have fun. We strongly encourage you to engage with Greenwich Students’ Union either at Medway (based at The Hub) or Greenwich (based in Dreadnought) where you can sign up for anything from Football to Volleyball, Gaming to Photography, find out about the chances to ‘Give It A Go’ and ‘What’s On’ during your first term. If you have any questions, concerns or worries, do email us at fes-courseinfo@gre.ac.uk providing your full name, student number (beginning with 00) and the course you are taking with us.

All the best for your studies,

Peter Griffiths Signature

Professor Peter Griffiths

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Key people

There are staff to support you every step of the way.

Personal tutors: your primary contact when you have questions or need advice. Usually you'll be told who this is at the start of induction. They can direct you towards student services, help you improve your academic performance, and support you on the path to your first graduate job.

Programme administrators are a valuable source of advice as they know your courses and course teams very well. They can also offer advice on accessing a range of support services.

Module leader: your course modules will be taught by one or several tutors, but this person leads in planning the module, teaching, supporting and assessing it and ensuring quality. They will be able to answer your questions about a specific module.

Programme leaders manage your programme. They co-ordinate the tutors across your modules and are responsible for your academic experience. This person will be named on the webpage for your course.

Contact your school

All enquires: fes-courseinfo@gre.ac.uk

Enquires for Medway School of Pharmacy only: MSOPSupport@gre.ac.uk