Deposits and Accommodation Licence Agreement

Find out how much the deposit for student accommodation is at the University of Greenwich and view the Accommodation License Agreement.

When you receive an offer of a room in a university hall of residence, you will be required to pay a deposit of £400 in order to secure the room in hall. This deposit will be credited to your first hall fee installment after you take up residence. Before paying the deposit, you will need to have already accepted the offer of a room by signing the Accommodation Licence Agreement, which is a legally binding contract, for the period of your stay.

Please take the time to read this sample licence agreement which includes the terms and conditions for living in a university hall of residence including the conditions by which you may cancel a room booking (section 6). You are strongly advised to read this document before signing the licence and accepting your booking. You may also wish to read the Licence Agreement Key Facts document which highlights some of the main points contained in the licence along with related information.