Software and systems to help the academic community at the University of Greenwich.

Teaching and Learning is at the heart of the university. The tools listed on this page are designed to ensure academic and professional services staff are all able to work seamlessly to provide our students with the best level of service and support.

The Portal

The University of Greenwich Portal is a web platform, which provides a single point of access to a range of online information and services provided by the University.


Moodle is the university's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

A VLE exists to support teaching and learning. It typically comprises of 'course' areas, which store course related content and are prepopulated with students details.


Panopto is a leading solution for the capture and playback of lectures. It is used in universities across the world to securely capture lectures, broadcast events, deliver training and to serve legacy media new uses.

Other Teaching and Learning Tools

Technologies, and our integration of them in teaching and student support, constantly adapt and develop, and to maintain currency and relevance, we expect these technologies to change over time.
These pages are intended as an initial information point for academic staff, regardless of their current level of engagement with learning technologies, and presents: