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EvaSys is a market-leading suite of automation software for surveys. It combines all aspects of the evaluation process from designing the questionnaires, electronic data collection and reporting.

Feedback Tools - Essential


EvaSys is a cloud hosted survey management system which can be used to evaluate academic modules.

Key Service Information

Features and Benefits

  • EvaSys surveys integrate into Moodle


  • The service is available to all members of university staff. Access can be requested by IT Service Desk, with approval required from Faculty and PAS.


    Support hours:

    09.00 - 17.00 weekdays other than University and Bank Holidays

    User service issues:

    Any dissatisfaction with the service should be addressed in the first instance to the IT Service Desk:
    Telephone: 020 8331 7555, visit the IT Service Desk pages or you may also submit a query online

Help & further information

Support: How do I's and other issues.

  • Please contact the IT Service Desk

Help Documentation: Provided by IT and Library & EDU

  • Support provided by PAS 
  • PAS to also provide ad-hoc training to administrators

Other relevant information can be found in:

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