IT and Library Services

Teaching and Learning Digital Resources

Our approved tools are divided into essential, supported and not supported tiers. The tiers indicate the level of training and support available for each technology; essential or allowed tools should be used in preference to unsupported tools.

Activity & Content Tools


Moodle (VLE)

The Virtual Learning Environment delivers course content, such as individual lecture notes, or even complete sets of course content, and the module syllabus over the web.

Turnitin (Plagiarism detection service)

The Plagiarism detection service is a cloud-based solution which is integrated with the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle)


Mentimeter allows you to engage and interact with your target audience in real-time

Allowed & Supported

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts is a streaming service like BBC iPlayer for further and higher education. You can watch, record, edit programmes into clips, create playlists and embed clips into Moodle as well as share what you are watching with other users of the service

Allowed (Not Supported)

LinkedIn Learning (formally

LinkedIn Learning (formally is an online education 3rd party website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.


A video sharing service that makes it easy to watch online videos. Open a free or paid for account (without adverts) to create and upload your own videos.

Video & Webinar Tools



Panopto is a leading solution for the capture and playback of lectures. Panopto is used in universities across the world to securely capture lectures, broadcast events, deliver training and to serve old media for new uses.


Teams is a cloud based collaborative hub for a group in which members can hold virtual meetings & post documents, messages, pictures and links with the ability to chat one-to-one or group wide.

Allowed (Not Supported)

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web-conferencing tool, which is being phased out of the university. Colleagues with Adobe Connect licences are encouraged to move to Microsoft Teams.


Camtasia is a video editing and screen recording application, which integrates into PowerPoint, and is also ideal for creating simple tutorial videos.


A free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. Provides the ability to create and upload your own videos to share with others.


Moodle, Panopto and Microsoft Teams remain our essential teaching, learning, collaboration and communication tools. However, University of Greenwich licensed Zoom accounts may be used in some exceptional circumstances.

Presentation & Collaboration Tools

Allowed & Supported

Microsoft Office suite (including Office 365)

The Microsoft Office Suite is a set of interrelated desktop applications providing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and communication tools.

OneDrive for Business (Microsoft 365)

OneDrive for Business is a cloud based storage platform which integrates into both Microsoft Office 365 and all Windows, Mac and mobile device editions of the software, meaning that files can be accessed almost anywhere and anytime.


Teams is a cloud based collaborative hub for a group in which members can hold virtual meetings & post documents, messages, pictures and links with the ability to chat one-to-one or group wide.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a communication tool which is being phased out of the university. Colleagues currently using Skype for Business are encouraged to move to Microsoft Teams.

Referencing Tools

Approved tools which support referencing.

Allowed & Supported

Endnote Basic

EndNote is reference management software that assists the process of manually collecting and curating your research materials and formatting bibliographies.


Mendeley is a desktop and web program for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.

Feedback Tools

Tools which allow students to provide, or provide students with, feedback around areas such as assessment, modules or the student experience.



A cloud hosted survey management system which can be used to evaluate academic modules. The surveys can be integrated with Moodle.

Allowed & Supported

Online Surveys (formerly Bristol Online Survey)

Online surveys (formerly BOS) is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows academics to develop, deploy, and analyse surveys via the Web.


Studiosity is an online service that can help students improve their academic writing skills. Drafts of essays, reports and other written assessment types are uploaded and reviewed by experts in academic writing. Detailed feedback is provided direct to the student to help them improve their work.

Allowed (Not Supported)


Unitu is a student voice platform. It is an online space where students and staff can collectively raise, discuss and resolve both academic and general student experience issues.

e-Portfolios & Blogs

Approved tools for managing e-portfolios and Greenwich Blogs.

Allowed & Supported


The University Blog Service exists to provide centrally-supported hosting for blogs covering any aspect of University business (in its widest sense).

e-Portfolio (Mahara)

Mahara can be used to create an online collection of reflections and digital artefacts (such as documents, blogs, resumes, multimedia, hyperlinks).

Administration, Curriculum Design & Support Systems

Approved tools to support administration, curriculum design and academic delivery.


Banner Web
Personal Tutor System
Attendance Monitoring System

Allowed & Supported

Map My Assessment (MMA)

MMA is tool used for curriculum design and is required as a core part of TESTA and Programme Review.

Reporting Portal

Our Reporting Portal runs on SAP Business Objects software and provides tools for reporting and analysis to inform decision-making and support university processes.