Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests are often used by recruiters as part of the selection process for graduate schemes, graduate internships and placements.

These tests are designed to assess a number of different attributes and, in turn, select the right person for a role.

Start Here:  We strongly recommend you start with these tests Graduates First, because it will give you a feedback report showing you, your strengths and weaknesses.

E-Learning aptitude test This includes Situational Judgement Test, Spelling Error checks, Numerical and Verbal tests for you to practice. As we strongly recommend you practice as much as you can before doing your actual tests - practice will help you improves your scores and help you get an internship, placement or graduate level job. More practice links below.

Typical Employer Tests 

(available as practice tests)

We strongly recommend you practice before taking the above tests. There are a number of external websites that will allow you to practice a range of tests.

Useful websites

Websites offering general advice on psychometric tests:

Numerical, verbal and aptitudinal tests

Numerical tests

Verbal tests

Other types of aptitude tests

Personality tests

Specialist tests

Sample company tests

Help with numeracy skills

Help with literacy skills

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