Student Services

Withdrawal or interruption of studies

Before you begin

If you're sure you wish to withdraw from or interrupt your studies, and have read the information and advice for students thinking about withdrawal or interruption of studies you will need to complete a withdrawal/interruption form (below).

Once you have completed the form, your details will be sent to a member of staff within your faculty, who may request a meeting with you to discuss your options before proceeding.

If you are an international student, you will also need to discuss your request for withdrawal/interruption with a member of the International Office, as a decision to withdraw/interrupt your studies may have serious implications on your right to remain in the country.

Terms and conditions - proceed with caution

Withdrawing from or interrupting your studies is a serious decision. You should only proceed if you have read and understood the following conditions:

How to withdraw or interrupt

To withdraw or interrupt from your programme of study, please click on the link below. Once a withdrawal or interruption form has been completed an email will be sent to your Faculty Retention and Success Officer.

Withdrawal/Interruption form