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When should I submit my EC claim?

You can submit a claim for extenuating circumstances before or shortly after an assessment deadline or exam date. We strongly encourage you to think about how ready you are for an assessment as far ahead of the deadline as possible. This way, you can take proactive steps if you think your circumstances might have a negative impact on your academic performance.

All deadlines and periods of time are measured in ‘calendar days’ - This means every day of the week including Saturdays and Sundays, except for university closure days such as public holidays and Christmas closures. Full details of term dates and university closures days can be found here Term Dates.

IMPORTANT!  If you submit your claim close to the assessment deadline, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to notify you of the outcome of your claim before the assessment deadline is reached. You are responsible for making the final decision to take an assessment, or to decide that you are too affected by your circumstances to submit your coursework by the deadline or to attend your timetabled exam.

Before an assessment deadline or exam date

You can submit your claim at any time before a deadline or exam date.

REMEMBER! Your claim might be rejected if it is submitted too far in advance for the impact of the extenuating circumstances to be assessed.

After an assessment deadline or exam date

You must submit your claim no later than 14 calendar days after a deadline or exam date.

REMEMBER! You can’t claim for impaired performance for coursework if you didn’t submit the coursework by the original submission deadline.

If you miss the claim submission deadline

Claims submitted after the deadline won’t be accepted.

If you have a good reason supported by evidence why you were unable to submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim by the deadline, you might be able to have your circumstances considered under the Academic Appeals Procedure. This can only be done AFTER you have received your results from the Progression and Award Board.

Evidence deadline

Don't miss the deadline to submit your claim because you are waiting for evidence. If your evidence is not available at the time of submitting your claim (for instance, where you are waiting for a letter from your GP or Counsellor etc) then you should 'continue' through the evidence upload pages in the online system and complete your claim submission, stating in the claim when you expect to receive the evidence – see link to EC system guidance.

Your evidence must be uploaded to the EXISTING CLAIM within 14 calendar days and your claim resubmitted. You will receive an email confirming the evidence deadline and that your claim cannot be considered until you have provided your evidence. 

If you miss the evidence deadline your claim will normally be rejected. You may be able to request that your evidence is considered through an academic appeal if you can provide a good reason why you couldn’t submit your evidence by the deadline – see the Academic Appeals Procedure.