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Application status tracker

On this page you will be able to check your application status.

If you’ve made an application to the University, you can use this section to review its status. The information will be updated at regular intervals and you are welcome to revisit this page as often as you like.

All applications are listed separately, so if you have made multiple applications you will have to use the unique application number associated with each instance.

You will need to have the following pieces of information to hand:

1. Your applicant number, which will be one of the following:
- your UCAS personal ID number
- your UTT personal ID number
- your direct application number (issued when applying using our online application form).
2. Your date of birth.
- It has to be entered as full numbers with no spaces and in the following format: DDMMYYY. (For example, if your birth date is 12th February 1980, you would write it as: 12021980).

Once these details are entered click ‘Check status’ to make an enquiry.
Applicant Number OR Personal ID
Birth Date (DDMMYYYY)

For further assistance please visit to speak to a Livechat advisor.

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