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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows you to use your existing qualifications and experience towards the entry requirements of a degree or to exempt you from modules that overlap closely with your existing awards.

How does RPL work?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is where the university compares any existing qualifications or work experience you have with the requirements and structure of the course at Greenwich.

You make a claim for RPL as part of your application (see below for details). We then assess whether your prior learning can exempt you from any of the modules or support your admission if you do not meet the standard entry requirements.

How can prior learning help you?

Prior learning can help in the following ways:

  • Support your admission
  • Exempt you from one or more individual modules
  • Allow you to enter the course at a later stage (known as direct entry).

How to apply

  1. Contact your RPL co-ordinator.This is usually the programme leader for your chosen course (found on each course page). They will provide advice on issues such as:
    • Your claim: how to match your prior learning against the requirements of the course
    • University procedure: how to structure your claim for RPL, any limits on RPL credits in your claim, and how to make an RPL application
    • Process: how we assess your claim for RPL and the evidence you need to provide.
  2. Complete the application form by the required deadline.

    When completing the form, remember to:

    • Match your prior learning or experience against the requirements of the course
    • Collect supporting evidence that clearly outlines the nature of your achievements and demonstrates that the achievement is your own.

Your RPL co-ordinator will then progress your RPL application. You will need to inform the co-ordinator of any change to your contact details while your case is being considered.

I wish to enter a course at a later stage

If you wish to apply via UCAS for direct entry into the second or third year of study, you don't need to make a separate RPL application to us. Simply indicate your preferred year of entry in the 'point of entry' section of the UCAS form and our admissions staff will assess your eligibility from there.

Before you submit your UCAS application, you are strongly advised to contact the RPL co-ordinator (usually the programme leader of your chosen course) to check that direct entry is permitted.

You will need to submit evidence to support your claim for direct entry to a later stage, such as an academic transcript and syllabus. An admissions tutor will advise you of the requirements.

If you wish to claim exemption from individual modules (rather than a whole year of study) or you are not applying via UCAS, you should apply for RPL using the process described above.

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