Study support

As a student, you will be expected to meet the academic standards for your course. However, you can access support and ask the University to consider what reasonable adjustments can be made.

We do anticipate the needs of those with disabilities. We create good access to buildings. We offer induction loops, magnification/reading software in libraries, and text-to-speech and mind mapping software.

By law (Equality Act, 2010) we must also provide reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled students are not substantially disadvantaged compared with non-disabled students.

Measures include adjustments to procedures (such as extra time in exams), supporting access to campus, or providing specialist support and equipment.

Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are considered on a case-by-case basis, and we will make every effort to provide them. If you have further needs, please register with us and arrange a meeting to discuss them as soon as you have accepted your offer to study.

To judge what is reasonable, we consider the following:

  • resources
  • cost
  • the practicality of the changes
  • potential benefits to other staff, students and visitors
  • maintaining standards.

A Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator (Disability & Dyslexia) will review the teaching and learning recommendations made on your diagnostic evidence report and / or needs assessment report or any other medical evidence.  They will also discuss with you any other reasonable adjustments that you feel you require. Using this information your Greenwich Inclusion Plan will be created and shared with staff on a need to know basis.

If you do not receive Disabled Students' Allowance

We provide an academic skills service which can be accessed by all students.

Support for exams

Students who believe they may be eligible for special exam arrangements, such as extra time, must follow the right steps to ensure this is agreed. There are deadlines for applications, please make sure that you check the student portal and your university email for the deadline dates. It is important that you make contact with us by these dates.

See Special Exam Arrangements