Visas and Immigration for study in the UK

Apply for your Tier 4 Visa in the UK

Making your Tier 4 visa application inside the UK requires planning and preparation. We've put together guidance and information to help make your Tier 4 visa application go smoothly.

The information on this page guides you on the process of submitting your Tier 4 visa application from within the UK. If you are submitting your Tier 4 application from outside of the UK, the application form and process is different – see our guidance on applying from outside of the UK instead.

The Tier 4 application form

The Tier 4 application form for applications made inside the UK is completed online.

To make the visa application, you need to create an account. Once you have done this, you can access your application at any time and complete it at your convenience.

When you have filled in the online application form there are some fees you will need to pay in order to complete your online visa application:

  • Immigration health surcharge
  • Visa application fee

Immigration Healthcare surcharge

As part of your online Tier 4 visa application, you are required to pay a fee for the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). See the UKVI information about the healthcare surcharge for more detail.

Application fee and method of application

After you have filled in the visa application form, you must choose one of the services below to submit your application. The basic standard fee for an in country application is £475. However, there are more expensive fast track application options available.

You should note that all of the services require you to attend an appointment to submit your documents. Please note, that depending on where you attend your appointment there can be a fee for this. The appointment service is provided by a third party company called Sopra Steria and may include additional charges. The application form will explain how to book this appointment and attend it. To find out more information on this please visit the UKCISA website.

Biometric enrolment

After submitting the Tier 4 visa application, all applicants are required to provide their biometric information (fingerprints). This is done at the same time as your appointment.


If you are applying with dependants (your spouse, civil partner, partner or children) then you need to confirm this in the application form. When you confirm that you have dependant/s, an additional section of the form will be created for you to complete with their details.

Find out more in our information about applying with dependants.

Advice on your visa application

If you would like guidance and advice about submitting your Tier 4 visa application, the International Student Advice Service will be happy to assist you. We strongly recommend getting advice before making your application, to maximise your chances of success and reduce the likelihood of any problems.

The information on this page is correct at the time of writing. Whilst we try to make sure the information we provide is accurate, immigration policy changes frequently. You should therefore always refer to the official website to ensure that you have up-to-date information: