International Hardship Fund

This fund is for EU students without a maintenance loan and international students who have experienced unexpected short-term costs.

The International Hardship Fund is available to EU students without a maintenance loan and international students who have encountered the following:

  • Unforeseen short‐term accommodation costs
  • Unforeseen short‐term subsistence costs
  • Unforeseen one‐off technology costs for your studies
  • Unforeseen one‐off travel costs.

We expect all students to arrange adequate finances before they begin their studies. All applicants to this fund must provide evidence of this and the steps they have taken to improve their financial position.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the International Hardship Fund, you will need to meet the following criteria.

  1. You are a International fee-paying student or EU student not in receipt of a maintenance loan.
  2. You are a fully-registered student at the University of Greenwich.
  3. You'll be studying a BA, BEd, BSc, LLB, BEng, MEng or MMath or postgraduate course.
  4. You'll be studying at Greenwich, Avery Hill or Medway Campus or one of our Partner Colleges where your tuition fee is paid directly to us.
  5. You must be able to demonstrate that you have below £500 in all bank accounts, both in the UK and at home.
  6. You must be up to date with all fee payments.
  7. You must have completed this application form, and provided all the evidence requested below.

How to apply

Applications are now closed for 2022/23 and will reopen after the close of registration in October 2023/24.

See our general terms and conditions.

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