William Hills Scholarship

The William Hills Scholarship offers six students £2,000 each year for the duration of their 4-year MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. An additional two awards are available for two students on year two of their BEng Mechanical Engineering degree.

The scholarship is available to full-time MEng Mechanical Engineering students, as well as students who transfer from the BEng Mechanical Engineering to the MEng in Year 3.

In 2020/21 two additional awards are available for BEng Mechanical Engineering students. They will be available for the best two performing students in Year 2.

The scholarships are awarded based on performance at the end of the first academic year.

Am I eligible?

You will need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the William Hills Scholarship:

  • You are a new entrant, studying the MEng Mechanical Engineering on a full-time basis at Medway Campus or you are studying the BEng Mechanical Engineering (Year Two only) also on a full-time basis at Medway Campus.
  • You have at least 128 UCAS points from two or three A-Levels (including at least a B in A-level Maths). Level 3 Key Skills and General Studies are not included.
  • Students on the BEng Mechanical Engineering who transfer to the third year of the MEng will also be eligible to receive the scholarship for their third and fourth years. These students will be identified and nominated by the Faculty.

How to apply

Applications closed the 30th June 2024


  • All award winners take part in Faculty-organised promotional activity in local schools and colleges to highlight the course and scholarship to prospective applicants.
  • Winners must maintain a grade average of at least 60% through each academic stage to keep receiving the award.

See our general terms and conditions.

Further information

William Hills was an alumnus of the university who studied Mechanical Engineering at the former Woolwich Polytechnic. He was dedicated to the support and education of a new generation of engineers.

Following his own studies, he worked for the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, eventually becoming the Chief Draftsman. It is through his work and generosity that, following his death, this scholarship was made available.


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