Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to the university.

Induction Checklist

Your manager will be working with you to ensure you have what you need, using the Induction Checklist. This checklist provides a guide to the info and activities that needs to be completed in the early stages of your employment. An abridged checklist is available for individuals who are working for the University for a short period, so that they are properly inducted and both managers and staff are aware of their responsibilities.

New Starters

We would like to wish you every success as a new member of the university and hope you find the support you require by following the links below. 

A portal page for new members of staff is available for the first six months of being in post. This page will give you information that you will find useful during your first few months at the university.

New Employee Welcome and Introduction (NEWI)

Our New Employee Welcome and Introduction (NEWI) event is an essential process for all new staff members and has been designed to impact positively on your first days and weeks with the university.

NEWI is the university's core induction programme and complements local induction arrangements by your faculty/directorate. Our aim is to ensure you are:

  • welcomed and effectively integrated to the university, your area and colleagues;
  • meet key personnel and network with other staff;
  • able to develop an understanding of your role and the environment, culture, and the aims and objectives of the team in which you will be working as well as the strategic objectives and the values and behaviours of the university;
  • equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to perform your duties and provided with the necessary training to do so;
  • able to continue your personal development during your career with the University;
  • provided with essential training, which meets legal obligations, such as Health & Safety, Records Management and Data Protection, Equality and Diversity.

This is currently on hold due to operating a virtual campus in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Staff will be invited to a corporate induction as soon as this is possible.

Your manager will be working with you to ensure you have what you need using the Induction Checklist. This checklist provides a guide to the info and activities that's required to be completed within the first six weeks of your employment.

Please also visit the Learning and Development Programme webpage, when considering your future training and development needs or contact us:  For all development opportunities delivered by colleagues from across the university please access the Staff Development Hub.

Useful information for new employees

If you require information not available on this page please refer to other sections of the Human Resources Directorate Website or contact us on ext 8982.