Please note that the course list is subject to change and subject to timetabling restrictions and all courses will be confirmed once the student arrives and registers at the university at the start of term. Levels relate to the year of study:

  • Level 4 = First year of studies
  • Level 5 = Second year of studies
  • Level 6 = Final year and Postgraduate studies

Faculty of Business (Greenwich Maritime Campus):

Students should contact Diluk Rathnayake ( with questions

DepartmentCourse titleLevelCourse code
Human Resources and Organisational BehaviourCross-cultural Management5BUSI-1313
Human Resources & Organisational
Management Practice 25BUSI-1315
International Business and Economics

 International Business Environment

International Business and EconomicsBusiness Ethics5BUSI-1342
Systems Management and StrategyFundamentals of Entrepreneurship5BUSI-1326
Marketing, Events and TourismStrategic Decision Making for Marketers5MARK-1086
Marketing, Events and TourismIntegrated Advertising Planning and Campaign 
Marketing, Events and TourismIntroduction to Advertising4MARK-1192
Marketing, Events and TourismGlobal Marketing Management5MARK-1195
Marketing, Events and TourismLeading Innovation and Creativity6MARK-1201
Accounting and FinanceQuantitative Methods4ACCO-1158

Faculty of Education and Health (Greenwich Maritime Campus):

Early Years Education

Students should contact Kumar Kotecha ( with questions.  Please note that in some cases students will be expected to take part in a placement and should get in touch very early to discuss any additional requirements.

Faculty of Education and Health (Greenwich Maritime Campus):


Students should contact Paula Gomes Alvez ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Psychology      Introduction to Psychology Part 14PSYH1031                                                
PsychologyBrain and Behaviour5PSYC1060

Adult Development and Mental Health

PsychologyDevelopmental Psychology 5PSYH1042
PsychologyPsychopathology and Clinical Psychology5PSYC1038
PsychologySocial Forensic Psychology6PSYC1073
PsychologyIntroduction to Organisational Psychology 6PSYH1007
PsychologyPsychology and Neuroscience: Trends and Issues6PSYC1037
PsychologyPsychology of Exceptional Human Experience6PSYC1036
PsychologyAdvanced Social Psychology6PSYC0045
PsychologyChild Psychology and Education6PSYC0049

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Greenwich Maritime Campus):

School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences

Students should contact Simon Dye ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Computing                Application DevelopmentCOMP-1551                                           
ComputingComputer Algorithms and Modelling5COMP-1555

Computer Networks

ComputingCommunication Systems4COMP-1587
ComputingProfessionalism in the IT Industry6COMP-1635
ComputingData Warehousing6COMP-1637
ComputingDatabase Engineering6COMP-1639
ComputingInformation and Content Management6COMP-1643
ComputingInformation Technology Planning6COMP-1647
ComputingDevelopment Frameworks and Methods6COMP-1648
Computing User Interface Design6COMP-1650
Computing Smart Systems 25COMP-1659
Computing Network Technology6COMP-1664
Computing Network and Operating Systems5COMP-1668
Computing Web Database Systems5COMP-1686
Computing Web Application Development6COMP-1687
Computing Enterprise Server Management and Security6COMP-1691
ComputingArtificial Intelligence 6COMP-1694
Computing Software Engineering Management6COMP-1714
Statistics Mathematics of Decision Making6STAT-1016
Statistics Statistical Models6STAT-1018

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Greenwich Maritime Campus):

School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Design, and Criminology

Students should contact Simon Dye ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Literature and Language    American Fictions (Study Abroad Term 1)AMER-1003                                       
Literature and LanguageShort Story Writing (Study Abroad)5COML-1273
Literature and Language

Literature of the Gothic (Study Abroad Term 1)

LanguagesEnglish for Academic Purposes 6 (ERASMUS)5ENGL-1080
LanguagesCourse 1 (French) Study Abroad Term 14FREN-1001
LanguagesCourse 2 (French) Study Abroad Term 15FREN-1002
LanguagesCourse 3 (French) Study Abroad Term 16FREN-1003
LanguagesCourse 1 (Italian) Study Abroad Term 14ITAL-1005
LanguagesCourse 2 (Italian) Study Abroad Term 15ITAL-1006
LanguagesCourse 3 (Italian) Study Abroad Term 16ITAL-1007
LanguagesCourse 1 (Spanish) Study Abroad Term 14SPAN-1001
Languages Course 2 (Spanish) Study Abroad Term 15SPAN-1002
Languages Course 3 (Spanish) Study Abroad Term 16SPAN-1003
History 'The People's War': The Second World War, Society, Culture and Legacy5HIST-1064
History Atlantic Worlds 1650-17835HIST-1066
History Remaking English Society, c. 1550-17605HIST-1068
Politics and International Relations Language, Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy (Study Abroad Term 1)6LING-1002
Politics and International RelationsInternational Relations and International Security (Study Abroad Term 1)6POLI-1028
Politics and International Relations Working in Politics and International Relations (Study Abroad Term 1)5POLI-1038
Sociology Researching Society and Culture5SOCI-1095
Criminology Criminal Justice Process4SOCI-1101
SociologyKey Thinkers in Sociology (Study Abroad Term 1) 5SOCI-1092
Criminology The Criminology of Disobedience5SOCI-1118
Criminology The Psychology of Terrorism6PSYC-1123
Sociology Family and Society6SOCI-1124
Sociology Globalisation: Social and Political Perspectives6SOCI-1125
Sociology Gender, Race and Crime6SOCI-1126
Media Working in Creative Industries6BUSI-1570
MediaDataspaces: Data and the Web5COMP-1600

Faculty of Education and Health (Avery Hill Campus):

Sports Science

Students should contact Paula Gomes Alvez ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Sports ScienceApplied Performance Analysis5OBIO-1082                                             
Sports ScienceIntroduction to Sport Psychology4OBIO-8004
Sports Science

Applied Coaching Science

Sports ScienceThe Science of Football5OBIO-1025

Faculty of Engineering and Science (Medway Campus):


Students should contact Jeanette Swan-Wallis ( with questions

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Science            Basic Chemistry for Life Science4CHEM-0571                                 
ScienceAdvanced Topics in Forensic Science6CHEM-1028

Further Organic Chemistry

ScienceSkills in Crime Scene Examination, Evidence Recovery and Law5CHEM-1096
ScienceSustainable Futures5ENVI-1151
ScienceEarth System Science5ENVI-1153
ScienceEnvironmental Management5ENVI-1156
ScienceMedical Microbiology6OMED-0074
ScienceMedical Biochemistry6OMED-0075
ScienceResearch and Professional Skills in Geography and Environmental Science 5GEOG-1024
Science Introduction to Geographical Information Systems5GEOG-1035
Science Readings in Geography and Environmental Science6GEOY-1030

Faculty of Engineering and Science (Medway Campus):


Students should contact Stefan Zigan ( with questions

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
EngineeringComputer Modelling of Civil Engineering Problems                                                                     7CIVI-0941
Engineering Analysis and Design for Seismic Action7CIVI-1001
EngineeringEngineering Enterprise 6GEEN-0049
Engineering Operations Management6GEEN-1015
Engineering Process Improvement Techniques6GEEN-1042