Full-term 2018-2019

  • Levels relate to the year of study:
  • Level 4 = First year of undergraduate studies
  • Level 5 = Second year of undergraduate studies
  • Level 6 = Final year of undergraduate studies
  • Students should contact Johanna Hoekstra (j.hoekstra@gre.ac.uk) with questions.

Please note that the course list is subject to change and subject to timetabling restrictions and all courses will be confirmed once the student arrives and registers at the university at the start of term.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
LawLaw of Contract4 (1)LAW1099
LawPublic Law4LAW1098
LawLaw of Torts5LAW1143
LawEuropean Union Law5LAW0079
LawCompany and Partnership Law6 (2)LAW0797
LawCompetition Law6LAW1128
LawEmployment Law6LAW0813
LawFamily Law6LAW0817
LawFinancial Services: Law, Regulation & Practice6LAW1074
LawHuman Rights Law6LAW1077
LawIntellectual Property Law6LAW0825
LawLaw and the Environment6LAW1172
LawLaw of Evidence6LAW0809
LawLaw and the Media6LAW1193
LawMedicine and the Law6LAW1069
LawInternational Law6LAW1221
LawCommercial Law6LAW1218
LawMiscarriages of Justice6LAW1238
LawAdvocacy and Professional Ethics5LAW1206
LawLand Law5LAW1142

(1) The Level 4 & 5 Law courses are offered to Erasmus Law students on the grounds that they are core courses for the LLB (qualifying Law degree).  The Law of Contract, Torts and Public Law each provide special insight into the English and Welsh Legal System and the operation of Common Law.

(2) The full list of Level 6 Law courses open to Erasmus students is listed above. Since all these courses are options, prospective Erasmus students should be aware that the availability of a particular course will depend on the availability of staff and sufficient numbers of LLB students opting for the course.