Please note that the course list is subject to change and subject to timetabling restrictions and all courses will be confirmed once the student arrives and registers at the university at the start of term.

Levels relate to the year of study:

  • Level 4 = First year of undergraduate studies
  • Level 5 = Second year of undergraduate studies
  • Level 6 = Final year of undergraduate studies

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Greenwich Maritime Campus)

School of Computing and Mathematical Science

Students should contact Simon Dye ( ) with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Computing                 Games Design and Development                                                      4COMP-1287
ComputingGames and Interactive Systems4COMP-1286
ComputingAdvanced Games Design and Development5COMP-1288
Computing3D Animation5COMP-1289
ComputingWeb Technologies5COMP-1321
ComputingAdvanced Modelling and Character Animation6COMP-1473
ComputingComputing Education and Communication6COMP-1568
ComputingComputer Forensics 36COMP-1569
ComputingFinal Year Projects6COMP-1682
ComputingDatabase System Development6COMP-1713
MathematicsResearch Methods and Mathematics Project6MATH-1271
Mathematics UAS: Mathematics Education and Communication6MATH-1057

Faculty of Business (Greenwich Maritime Campus)

Students should contact Diluk Rathnayake ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Accounting           Introduction to Financial Accounting                                                                4ACCO-1083
AccountingIntroduction to Management Accounting4ACCO-1084
AccountingManagement Accounting5


Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Greenwich Maritime Campus)

Built Environment

Students should contact Simon Dye ( ) with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Built Environment            Principles of Economics and Law                                                     4BUIL-1176
Built EnvironmentPeople and the Built Environment4BUIL-1177
Built EnvironmentProfessional Skills 14BUIL-1178
Built EnvironmentSustainable Construction 14BUIL-1180

Built Environment

Engineering and Management5BUIL-1183
Built EnvironmentProfessional Skills 25BUIL-1186
Built EnvironmentSustainable Construction 25BUIL-1188
Built EnvironmentManagement6BUIL-1191

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Greenwich Maritime Campus)

School of Law and Criminology

Students should contact Aysem Diker Vanberg ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Law                        European Union Law                                                                                    5LAW-0079
LawCompany and Partnership Law6LAW-0797
LawLaw of Evidence6LAW-0809
LawFamily Law6LAW-0817


Intellectual Property Law6LAW-0825
LawHuman Rights Law4LAW-1077
LawPublic Law4LAW-1098
LawLaw of Contract (Level 4)4LAW-1099
LawCompetition Law6LAW-1128
LawTransnational Organised Illegal Networks6LAW-1251
LawCommercial Law6LAW-1219
LawFinancial Services: Law, Regulation and Practice6LAW-1074
LawInformation Technology Law6LAW-1252
LawInternational Law6LAW-1221
CriminologyCriminological Perspectives5SOCI-1011
Criminology Policing6SOCI-1023
Criminology Perspectives on Violence6SOCI-1030
Criminology Criminal Justice Process4SOCI-1101
CriminologyThe Criminologies of Disobedience 5SOCI-1118
CriminologyCrimes of the Powerful6SOCI-1129

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Greenwich Maritime Campus)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Design

Students should contact Simon Dye ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Literature and LanguagesAmerican Fictions                                                                                   5AMER-1003
Literature and LanguagesLiterary Forms of Representation4COML-0001
Literature and LanguagesLiterature in Context: Fiction since 18005COML-1053
Literature and LanguagesLiterature in Context: Poetry and Drama since 18005COML-1054

Literature and Languages

English in World Literatures: Postcolonial and Transnational Writing6COML-1062
Literature and LanguagesContemporary Writing and Critical Theory6COML-1090
Literature and LanguagesInternational Bestsellers5COML-1091
DramaContemporary British Theatre5DRAM-1037
Literature and LanguagesThe Canon: A Short History of Western Literature4ENGL-1091
Literature and LanguagesSchool for Scandal: The Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century6ENGL-1133
Literature and LanguagesShakespeare, Then and Now5ENGL-1134
Languages English For Academic Purposes 66ENGL-1080
Languages European Languages (Italian 1)4ITAL-1005
Languages European Languages (Italian 2)5ITAL-1006
LanguagesEuropean Languages (Italian 3)6ITAL-1007
Journalism Journalism in Practice6JOUR-1004
Journalism Writing Journalism6JOUR-1016
Languages European Languages (Spanish 1)4SPAN-1001
Languages European Languages (Spanish 2)5SPAN-1002
Languages European Languages (Spanish 3)6SPAN-1003
Languages European Languages (French 1)4FREN-1001
Languages European Languages (French 2)5FREN-1002
Languages European Languages (French 3)6FREN-1003
Languages and Linguistics Advanced Applied Linguistics6LING-1004
Languages and Linguistics Applied Linguistics5LING-1009
Languages and Linguistics Language, Communication and Society4LING-1022
Languages and Linguistics Meaning in Language5LING-1026
Languages and Linguistics Language Research Project (French, Italian, Spanish)5OUML-1009
Politics and International Relations International Relations and International Security6POLI-1028
Politics and International Relations Working in Politics and International Relations5POLI-1038
Politics and International RelationsPolitical Conspiracy and Slander6POLI-1039
Politics and International Relations Politics and Development in Asia and Africa5POLI-1047
History A Global History of Genocide6HIST-1028
History Introducing History: Ideas and Practice4HIST-1043
History Gendering the British: Nation, Citizenship & Rights6HIST-1063
History 'The People's War': The Second World War, Society, Culture and Legacy5HIST-1064
History Island Nation: Britain and the Sea 1805 - Present5HIST-1065
History Atlantic Worlds 1650-17835HIST-1066
History Empire and Nation in the Middle East5HIST-1067
History Remaking English Society, c. 1550-17605HIST-1068
History Britain and the Suppression of the Slave trade 1807-18676HIST-1072
History The Changing Faces of Britain 1707 – 19185HIST-1073
History Cities of the Sultans: Life in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire6HIST-1074
HistoryConflict, Commerce and Culture: Britain and the World, 1600-20005HIST-1075
History Footprints of Everyday Life: The Environmental History of Modern Britain5HIST-1076
Sociology Education and Social Formation5SOCI-1070
Sociology Drug Use in Society5SOCI-1071
Sociology Researching Society and Culture5SOCI-1095
Sociology Working in Sociology5SOCI-1102
Sociology Migration and Citizenship6SOCI-1123
Sociology Family and Society6SOCI-1124
Sociology Globalisation: Social and Political Perspectives6SOCI-1125
Sociology Gender, Race and Crime6SOCI-1126
Sociology Sociology of Gender and Sexuality6SOCI-1128
Sociology Family Policy6 SOPA-1039
Film and TVCinema and Space6CINE-1012
Film and TVIntroduction to TV Studio Production 4CINE-1049
Film an TVTransmedia6CINE-1057
Film and TV Media Technologies4CINE-1078
Film and TV Transnational Screens5CINE-1007

Faculty of Education and Health (Avery Hill Campus)

Sports Science

Students should contact Paula Gomes Alvez ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Sports Science         Introduction to Football Coaching                                                               4PHYE-1034
Sports ScienceAdvanced Football Coaching6PHYE-1035
Sports ScienceIntroduction to Performance Analysis4


Sports ScienceIndependent Research Project6OBIO-1083
Sports ScienceIntroduction to Coaching Theory and Practice4PHYE-1075
Sports ScienceAdvanced Coaching Science6PHYE-1079

Faculty of Engineering and Science (Medway Campus)


Students should contact Jeanette Swan-Wallis ( with questions.

SubjectCourse titleLevelCourse code
Science         Physiology & Pharmacology                                                            5ANAT-1014
ScienceFundamentals of Biochemistry4BIOC-1011
ScienceProject (Life Sciences)6


ScienceFundamental Biology and Physiology4BIOL-1002
ScienceProject (Chemical Sciences)6CHEM-0018
ScienceIntroduction to Forensic Science4CHEM-1025
Science Intermediate Forensic Science5CHEM-1026
Science Inorganic Chemistry4CHEM-1029
Science Organic Chemistry4CHEM-1030
Science Physical Chemistry4CHEM-1031
Science Further Inorganic Chemistry5CHEM-1033
Science Further Physical Chemistry5CHEM-1035
Science Intermediate Chemistry5CHEM-1038
Science Pharmaceutical Product Development5CHEM-1040
Science Advanced Inorganic Chemistry6CHEM-1041
Science Advanced Organic Chemistry6CHEM-1043
Science Analytical Chemistry6CHEM-1066
Science Drug Design and Delivery6CHEM-1081
Science The Earth's Dynamic Systems4ENVI-1038
Science Practical & Professional Skills for Environmental Sciences4ENVI-1039
ScienceScience & the Environment4ENVI-1040
Science Geography and Environmental Sciences Dissertation6ENVI-1157
Science Introductory Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry4PHAR-0012
Science Pharmaceutics5PHAR-1005
Science Neuropharmacology6 PHAR-1008