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Requesting a shared email account

What is a shared email account?

A shared email account is an account that can be accessed by more than one member of staff.

Shared email accounts are often used as contact points for enquiries, when a response from a named individual is not needed but the response needs to be timely (An example of this is the IT Service Desk email address).

How do I request a shared email account?

Contact the IT Service Desk if you wish to create a shared email account. Please note: because of the security implications of creating a shared email account you will need to submit the request from your University email account, not via telephone. The IT Service Desk address is

Things to consider

Do you need to able to send as well as receive messages using this account? If you only need to receive messages then it may be simpler to request an email list to be created instead. This will allow all messages sent to the list to be delivered to nominated individuals. If you wish to have an email list created then you will need to notify the IT Service Desk of the Usernames of all the individuals who need to receive those messages.

Think carefully about the name you wish to give to the email account. Try to make sure it is simple and clearly indicates what the address is for. "" rather than "" for example.

If you would like further advice regarding your options contact the IT Service Desk on extension 7555.