IT and Library Services

Digital Strategy

The University aims to provide a secure, reliable and feature rich digital environment for learning, teaching, research and professional services now and in the future, as technologies and the educational environment evolve.

Our vision will enable our community to be equipped with the essential tools to ensure we are creating impact for staff and students with the investment we are making – technology is nothing without our people and we want to ensure everyone has confidence in navigating our digital environment. - Paul Butler, Director of Information and Library Services

We have four strategic priorities to help the university deliver its mission, vision and strategy, which are:

  • Student success
  • Research and Knowledge Exchange
  • Inclusivity and culture
  • Connected and sustainable campuses

We will provide digital technology solutions which are highly performing, flexible and scalable to enable the university to adapt quickly and flourish in an increasingly challenging higher education environment.

Our priority themes are:

  • Learning Environment.
  • Student Experience.
  • Student Lifecycle Management.
  • Research & Knowledge Exchange.
  • Data, Process and Decision Support.
  • Digital Engagement.
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