IT and Library Services

Computers & Printing

Information about the open-access labs and library areas, the computers & software available and printing facilities at the university.

The open access computing facilities offered by ILS provide clusters of PCs across campus, accessible by staff and students. These systems provide an internet-connected Windows desktop with a suite of applications to aid learning and research including Microsoft Office, the Portal and faculty specialism software.

Managed Desktop

The university managed desktop provides a common base for all staff and student PCs. Applications, services and policies are based upon the managed desktop.

The services available via a Managed Desktop computer will differ for staff and students, but the most useful, and commonly required services are only a click away whoever you are. The Managed Desktop provides access to the central university resources such as teaching and learning and corporate information systems, and provides a standard set of software applications available across the university. Software is assigned, via the Software Center to individuals, groups or to computers to ensure that you are able to access your what you need and where you need it.

Printing: Multi-Function Devices (MFDs)

High performance multi-function devices, which can be used for printing, photocopying and scanning (MFDs) are located throughout campus.

Find out more about our MFDs and how to use them.

You will be charged to print (staff printing is recharged to their department) while students top-up their print credit. There's a handy guide and video, along with some FAQs on our online print credit page.

Open Access IT Labs

There are dedicated Open Access IT labs on all campuses, while the campus libraries also all have study areas with Managed Desktop PCs and MFDs.

There are a number of IT labs and computers conveniently located around our campuses, containing Windows computers running a wide range of software. Many spaces stay open till late and some are open 24/7 at certain times of the year.

IT and AV in teaching spaces

Information and Library Services deploy audio visual and learning technologies to support teaching and learning.

We work with faculties, academics and administrators and estates colleagues to deliver support and training for these learning tools We also regularly evaluate emerging technologies for both pedagogical and administrative benefits.

The IT and Library supported classrooms section brings information such as capacity, display technology, control systems and audio & video capture capabilities for every supported area. Training videos demonstrating the different AV control systems, microphones and a touch screen tutorial are also to be found here.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

High-performance computing (HPC) is the use of either super computers and / or many high powered machines working in parallel to solve complex computational problems.

Find out more about the university HPC service.