IT and Library Services

About IT and Library Services

Information and Library Systems, or 'ILS', is responsible for the provision of the IT and related services at the University.

We are committed to providing a new, dynamic service which is dedicated to supporting the University of Greenwich Digital Strategy

How ILS work

In order to achieve this, ILS will:

  • be responsive to the University's diverse requirements
  • provide leadership and partnership to promote effective use and development of IT across the University
  • be a key enabler for strategic change in the University
  • provide high-quality, robust and secure day-to-day services, while innovating and anticipating the needs of tomorrow
  • develop IT skills through teaching, training and support

Digital Strategy

The University aims to provide a secure, reliable and feature rich digital environment for learning, teaching, research and professional services now and in the future, as technologies and the educational environment evolve.

Find out about the Digital Strategy and how it supports and benefits staff, students and researchers at the University of Greenwich

Policies and Procedures

There are a number of regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines covering the use of our systems and services. As a user of any of the IT systems at the University of Greenwich, you are expected to abide by them.