IT and Library Services


The Portal offers a range of useful functions and brings together many of the online services which staff and students need on a day to day basis.

The Portal features a login screen, which will alter to suit the device you are using. Most importantly, however, you must still enter your University username and password. Pages are made up of portlets. Portlets can contain individual links, groups of related links, text, images, live information such as your library account and additional search tools, for example LibrarySearch

Key Service Information

Features and Benefits

  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Distinct staff and student sites, allowing staff to view the Portal as students would see it.
  • Information organised in a way that reflects how people use it.
  • A comprehensive search tool allowing users to search the Portal, university websites and the staff directory.
  • Ability to better target information at specific populations of staff and students.
  • A design that replicates the look and feel of the University website.


The Portal is available at

The service is available to all members of university staff and students


    Support hours:

    09.00 - 17.00 weekdays other than University and Bank Holidays

    User service issues:

    Any dissatisfaction with the service should be addressed in the first instance to the IT Service Desk:
    Telephone: 020 8331 7555, visit the IT Service Desk pages or you may also submit a query online

Help & further information

Help on changing and resetting your password can be found on our password management page.