IT and Library Services

Food and Drink

This policy forms part of the regulations you agreed to and signed when registering. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the rules on food and drink and to follow them.


  • Drinks and cold food only allowed in Avery Hill and Greenwich libraries.
  • Examples of permitted food: cold sandwiches/wraps, fresh fruit, grab-and-go cold-boxed food, salads.
  • Hot drinks with lids.

Not allowed

  • No food at all in silent study areas (Rooms 10_3004 at Greenwich and silent study rooms at Avery Hill).
  • No hot food at all in libraries.
  • Examples of prohibited food: pizza, hamburgers, curries, noodles, fries, hot subs, McDonalds or any other smelly, greasy or messy foods.

All users are asked to

  • Adhere to the information on the signs in different areas of the libraries you are using.
  • Place all packaging and food debris in the appropriate recycling bins provided.
  • Report any spillages to staff in person so that wipes can be provided.