Your original certificate and transcript are important legal documents.

 Please note that we are currently operating a reduced service: we are able to assist with email enquiries and verification of awards, however we are temporarily unable to print certificates and transcripts. We will update our webpages when a full service is able to resume. If you are a current student, your results will be accessible to you online on a Result Letter on your Student Portal, and can be verified, for example to employers or universities, on request via email. Please email​ for more information.

Your original certificate and transcript are issued by the Certificates and Transcript Service in Student & Academic Services once your Faculty/Department/College has signed off your results and confirmed your award. They are sent to your address (this will be your designated mailing address if specified on your record or your permanent address if not) within 4 to 8 weeks of your results being made official (i.e. you receiving your results letter) and will not be issued to you at the graduation ceremonies. 

To ensure your address details are correct on our records before you complete your studies, check them via the portal, or by contacting your Student Centre if your portal credentials have been disabled.  Your documents are sent in the normal post, not recorded or tracked.

Please note: if the non-arrival of your certificate is due to failure to supply the correct address BEFORE your award is considered, then the university reserves the right to charge a fee.  Also if you do not keep your address information up to date and accurate, you will also experience delays in getting your degree certificate and transcript.  

Sending your certificate and transcript

Living inside of the UK?

If we hold a UK address on record for you will will use this address to send you your certificate and transcript.  If you have multiple addresses on our student record system then we will use the addresses held in the following order of preference: 

  1. Mailing Address
  2. Permanent Address 

Any term time address you had on file will not be used as you are no longer studying on the programme of study we are providing you an award for.  

It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date on the student record system. To see and amend the details held on the system please:

  • Go to the Student Portal
  • Click the "Student Records" link at the top of the page
  • Click "Personal Information"
  • Click "View / Update Address(es) and Telephone Number(s)"

Living outside of the UK?

If we do not hold an active mainland UK address for you on our student record system, we will attempt to contact you before sending your documents and will ask if you would like to take up the optional service of track DHL mail.  

This is also an opportunity for you to tell us that you are still in the UK and provide the relevant address information through the methods described above.  If you would like your documents posted to you using DHL Tracked Post please complete, download and submit the DHL Request Form, with the appropriate fee to the Certificates and Transcript Service.

The current fee for this additional service is £28 (based on one set of documents being sent to one address).  

Collecting your certificate

Should you wish to collect your certificate and transcript, please contact the Certificates and Transcript Service once you have received your results letter, and we will look to agree a date and time for you to visit our office on the Avery Hill campus. If we are able to arrange a time for you to come to our offices you will need to bring your student ID card with you or, if not available, a legal form of photo identification.

If you would like to send a representative to collect your certificate and this is approved, please ensure they have a signed letter of authority from you and a legal form of identity (with picture) with them.

Circumstances in which we keep your documents

Should you owe tuition fees money to the university at the time we are due to dispatch your certificate and transcript, we will keep your documents. You will need to contact us once you have cleared the money owed.

We would recommend visit one of the Student Finance offices within the Student Centres or email

Contacting the university after you have graduated

Once you have graduated, you may need to contact us:

The Certificates and Transcript Service wishes you the very best with your future.

The university is now using new stationery for its transcripts and certificates. Any award dated from 1st January 2017 and any replacement of certificates and transcripts will now be printed on the new paper.

Certificates and Transcript contact details

University of Greenwich

Certificates and Transcript Service
Student Records
1st Floor Bronte Building
Avery Hill Road


The team can be contacted Monday to Friday 10am-12noon and 2.30pm-4.30pm