Visas and Immigration for study in the UK

CAS for extending your visa

If you need to extend your visa to complete your studies, you'll need a CAS to support your student visa application

The information on this page is relevant if you are a current student of the university, and want to extend your student visa to continue with an existing programme of study. If you need a visa for a new programme of study, please see our information about here.

Check your eligibility

The university is only able to issue a CAS in certain circumstances, as outlined in our Sponsorship of International Students for Visa Purposes Policy.

You will NOT be eligible for a new CAS if:

  1. You have already submitted your final piece of assessment and are awaiting your results. A new CAS cannot be issued for Graduate Route purposes only
  2. You require a new CAS because you feel you may have failed, but have not yet received a progress decision to confirm this (we must be able to see an updated results letter for you)
  3. You have already received your results and need leave to attend a graduation ceremony
  4. You are currently on a sandwich placement (undergraduate students only)
  5. Your programme requires ATAS clearance and you have not yet received your new certificate
  6. You are required to take resits, but these are online submissions only and do not require in-person attendance
  7. Your attendance falls significantly below an acceptable level to demonstrate full-time study in the UK
  8. You have an ongoing application for another type of visa in the UK
  9. In some circumstances, we may also be unable to issue a new CAS if you have debt on your tuition fees, in particular if this will impact you being able to re-register with the university

If you believe that none of the above factors apply to you, please read on to prepare on applying for a new CAS.

Check what funds you need

Please check the financial requirements for your student visa application. You will also need to know your outstanding tuition fee balance for the current academic year.

  • You can check your fees by logging in to the student portal and going to 'check accounts, make online payment.'
  • If you are unsure about your tuition fees, you can check this with our Student Finance team.

What documents do you need

To get your CAS, you need to complete the following steps:

Firstly, you must check if you need to provide any documents with your CAS request. This is particularly important if you are applying for a new CAS to return from interruption. The following is a list of documents that may be needed:

Financial documents

Please see our webpages on Financial Requirements and How to demonstrate your finances, to find lots of useful guidance and examples of documents that can be used along with your application.

Please note, not all students are required to provide these with their visa application:

  • If you are a national from one of the countries listed under ST22.1 – Differential evidence requirement for a Student, you do not need to provide financial documents as part of your CAS/visa application. Please check this list carefully before submitting your request to us.
  • If you are applying in-country and have been in the UK for at least 12 months with valid permission to stay, you do not need to demonstrate your finances as part of your CAS request or visa application.
  • Please refer to our information on the documents you require for your visa application for more detail about these documents.

ATAS certificate (if applicable)

Proof departure from the UK if you need to apply from outside the UK, e.g. entry/exit stamps in your passport or boarding pass.

Completing and submitting the CAS request form

You will need to complete a CAS request form, and send it together with your documents by email to the Visa Compliance Team at

If you submit your CAS request form to us without all of the required documents, we will not be able to process your CAS and you may need to submit your request again.

The CAS request form asks you to confirm your new expected programme end date. This usually coincides with when your final assignments are due.

Once we have received your completed CAS request form and documents, we will aim to issue your CAS within 10 working days.

IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage you to submit your CAS request to us early if you need to extend your visa. Leaving your request to the last minute runs the risk of us not being able to process your request in time.

What's in your CAS

A CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) is an electronic document issued by the university. It contains a copy of information which has already been provided to UKVI from the university.

In your CAS statement you will find:

  • Your CAS number
  • Information about your programme of study
  • Information about your tuition fees
  • Confirmation of whether you will need an ATAS certificate

Your CAS will be sent to you by email, usually to your personal email address.

Once your CAS is issued

Please check carefully that all the information in your CAS statement is correct. If it is incorrect, you must inform us immediately and before a visa application is submitted.

Once you have submitted your visa application, please send the Visa Compliance Team evidence of your submitted application. This must clearly show your name, the date the application was submitted and that a Student Route application was made. It is essential that you do this if applying for an extension in the UK, as we will need to see that you have submitted a valid, in-time application.

Please note: failure to provide evidence of your submitted application in a timely manner may result in you being withdrawn from the university.